Last call for care packages

Just a quick update on the care packages project.

I know that I found a need that missionaries in ministry leaders think is really valuable. But I'm not sure about is the interest from people who love and support missionaries in ministry leaders.

In fact, the response hasn't been all that strong so I'm starting to think that perhaps people are not interested in this is a solution. Maybe it's something that they want to provide personally or maybe it's something that's just not interesting. In any event, I'm thinking about shutting it down.

If you're interested in this, now is your chance to let me know. You can sign up using the form below and help me make sure that what we're doing meets the needs of missionaries in ministry leaders as well as the people who love and support them.

If not, no worries, no pressure. Just trying to figure out what I can do to help you and to help many missionaries and ministry leaders.

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Selecting Items

So, I've done some reasearch and I've heard from about 10-15 missionaries and ministry leaders about things that they would like to receive in care packages. Surprisingly, many of the items are food or spices. Things like peanut butter, cream of tartar, and such. Even a good kitchen sponge.


© enigmachk1 on Flickr, CC 2.0

I could use your help…

First, could you help me connect with as many missionaries, ministry leaders, and supporters as possible? I'd really like for this to make a significant difference in our lives and in the world this year.

Second, I need to know whether the path I'm on is worthwhile. So, here are the questions:

  • If you're a missionary, are these the kinds of things you'd like to receive (be honest)?
  • If you love and support a missionary, are these the kinds of things you'd like to send in a care package?

You can leave your answers in the comment section below or by emailing


// Photo credit: © enigmachk1 on Flickr, CC 2.0

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