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I am very excited for you to join us on the Engaging Missions Show. During our chat, we’ll cover a variety of topics, touching on who you are, your ministry, and resources. My goal is for us to be mutually encouraged, to make God famous through your story and that our listeners will be equipped, challenged, and inspired by what we discuss.

Below is a general framework for the interview flow. It’s organized into three broad focus areas:

  • Getting to Know You
  • Your Ministry
  • Focus on Our Listeners

I generally try to target about 10-15 minutes total for each section. That would give us a full interview around 30-45 minutes. However, I don’t try to break that down into a per question time allotment.

You know yourself better than I do, so please prepare based on the ways God tends to work in your life. If you’re a “word for word” kind of person, you can work up talking points based on the questions below. Just be aware that I do my best to follow the conversation where it leads, so there will almost certainly be some questions that are skipped and others that come up as we're talking.

We Focus on Stories

Our best interviews are conversational in nature and may include some questions that are specific to your life or ministry. Additionally, sharing REAL LIFE STORIES, as opposed to abstract opinion, really makes for a more engaging show.

As you look through the flow below, you'll notice that we pretty much kick the whole thing off with at least one story. You'll probably want to put some thought into selecting a story that really speaks to who God is and how you've seen him move in your life, work, or ministry.

Beyond that, you might want to think about the stories behind 3-4 of the pivotal moments in your ministry and just make some notes. They might come up and they might not but you might find that having these “in your back pocket” could be valuable well beyond our time together. You might consider:

  • What led you to Christ.
  • How you got started in ministry.
  • A time when God significantly shifted what you were doing or how you were doing it.
  • An interesting and defining anecdote from your life or ministry

And when you do, it could be helpful to think it through in the S.O.A.R.S. format to help bring people along as you're sharing it and get the most out of it when you're done.

  • Situation – Set the stage for us. When was it? What was going on? Where were you? Help us understand.
  • Objective– What was the task, goal, or objective? What was holding you back? What were you trying to accomplish or overcome?
  • Action – What did you do? What did God do? What did those around you do (both those who helped and those who challenged)?
  • Results – What happened? What was the outcome? Did things turn out as you'd hoped or expected?
  • Summary – What is the key learning, insight, or wisdom that we can take away from your story?

Want a link to a S.O.A.R.S (and more) worksheet?

I have that here!

Check out the Engaging Missions – Engaging Stories and Connections Worksheet (Google Document). You can view, copy, and print it out. Feel free to use it if you'd like.

Engaging Stories and Connections Worksheet



Here's the typical interview flow

Getting to Know You (10-15 minutes)

The Kingdom is relational, so we start by building a little foundation for a relationship. To do that we're first going to focus on getting to know you a little.

  • I'll ask you to share who you are and what you do in a sentence or two. This could take the form of:
      • I help / serve [group of people]
      • by [what are the main 1-3 things you do]
      • so that [the benefit or reason you do it]

    For example: I help missionaries, church planters, and ministry leaders (the who) share what God is doing and what they've learned (the what) so that Believers can be equipped, challenged, and inspired to connect, give, and go (the why).

  • A key story of God's goodness:
    We want to praise God, proclaim His name, and share what He's done (1 Chronicles 16:8). We'll start off with a key story where you really saw God's faithfulness in your life, work, or ministry. This doesn't necessarily need to be a long story, but I will ask you to help us understand the situation, the stakes, what God did, and what God taught you.
  • A meaningful quote or foundational Scripture
  • Do you have a personal habit that you believe contributes to what God has done in your life?
  • What has God been showing or teaching you over the last few months or year?

A short break to catch up and transition



Your Ministry (10-15 minutes)

Next, we’re going to focus on ministry. I intend for our time to be conversational, so I won’t be following a script as we dig into your ministry. However, things to consider might be:

  • How (and/or why) did you start doing what you/re doing?
  • What's special or different about what you do?
  • What excites you or fuels your passion?
  • What scares you or breaks your heart?
  • What has surprised you?
  • Do you foresee any changes in the near future?
  • What has encouraged or strengthened you?
  • What is one thing you wish you would have known when you were getting started?
  • What is one thing people starting out can learn from your experience to be more effective?

A short break to catch up and transition



Focus on Our Listeners (10-15 minutes)

Most of our listeners live in the US and operate in the marketplace. They have a heart for ministry and missions but may not feel called to what we might consider full-time vocational ministry.

In this section, we’re going to shift our focus to the listeners and begin to draw on your experiences and perspective.

  • What would you share with someone who's feeling stuck or wondering if what they're doing in business or ministry really matters in the Kingdom?
  • What ministry opportunities are right in front of us that people often miss?
  • Is there a book or resource you'd recommend for our listeners?
  • What are one or two ways that we can best partner with and support you?
  • How can we best pray for you?
  • If you could challenge us to do one thing in the next 7 days, what would it be and why?

Do you have a suggestion?

Some of my guests have had specific expertise or things they wanted to make sure we included – even if it wasn’t part of the standard interview flow. I’m always open to those suggestions. So, if there is a topic you want to make sure we discuss, please let me know in advance so that I can make sure we make time. You can email me at

Recording: By participating in the interview, you agree to allow Bryan Entzminger to record, distribute, and disseminate the resulting content in any manner and medium. You also agree to allow Bryan Entzminger to retain irrevocable rights to the content and produced media for potential future use in speeches, books, and in all other public distribution.

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