My brother wrote this great article on parenting. While the focus is on fathers, it's important to remember that the principles of godly parenting apply to both fathers and mothers.

In it, he focuses on six specific things that can (and should) shape our interactions with our children. It's a very poignant reminder that we tend to make things complex when they're actually simple at their core.

I especially liked how the section below started out. It's a great reminder that two of the most important things we can do in raising our children are to simply love them for who they are and to live what we say we believe.

When a godly father’s life is consistent with his profession of faith, his words take on enormous power over a child’s destiny. Verbally blessing a child is key to raising him or her with adequate spiritual safeguards.

Blessing your children will do more than impact their lives. Something dynamic also happens in the life of a parent. Yes, blessing my sons does great things in them, but when I look at Colby and Cadyn as God’s blessings in my life, and when I speak blessing over their lives, I view them differently. They’re not a burden to me. They’re not in the way. They’re not “problem children.” They become measureless reservoirs of joy deeply injected into every part of my being.

via A Father's Blessing: What Scripture Teaches Dads about Raising Children.

I believe this applies to all areas of our lives. From faith to our work ethic. From generosity to missions. From love and compassion to integrity.

I think you'll really appreciate the article.

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