Our guest today, Connor Britt, shares about the goodness of God in his life and the places where God keeps leading him. At the time we recorded, Connor was in the States, raising funds to return to Switzerland and serve as a leader with an organization known as Youth With a Mission (YWAM).

Throughout his life, Christ has continually sanctified and purified him in order to go where He calls him, and although his life hasn’t always been easy, he knows that God is good. Connor speaks about how God has redeemed aspects of his life and just how powerful God is. More than anything, Connor desires to better know God and for the world to know Him as well, which he clearly portrays on today’s episode.

What we talked about

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Getting to know Connor Britt


Growing up, he wished to be a pastor and would frequently follow his pastor around the church as a child. As he grew in his relationship with Christ, he found God calling him into missions. After going through YWAM’s Discipleship Training School (DTS) and Biblical Core Class (BCC), he returns to the organization as a leader. He shares that he primarily participates in missions so that he may better know God and become more like Him.

How do you prepare for a year long commitment?

Connor discusses the ways in which he prepares to return to YWAM both financially and spiritually. He presently raises funds in order to have enough money to go, which he finds important. However, Connor focuses greatly on consecration and the need to be set apart for the Kingdom of God. He accomplishes this by reading the Bible, staying in conversation with God, and worshipping Him continually.

What is consecration?

Connor presents his definition of consecration, which he describes as actions we take in order to make ourselves more holy before God. He differentiates this from sanctification, or what God does to make us holy. He explains that consecration comes through living a Word or Bible-based life in which we see what the Bible commands and we do so. Also, he consecrates himself by avoiding things that go against God’s heart, like bad movies, music, or shows, in order to become more like Christ and reflect His heart.

Meaningful verses

“This is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom You have sent.” - John 17:3


“ … It is these who follow the Lamb wherever He goes.” Revelation 14:4

Times of struggle

Following his first trip with YWAM, Connor faced a very difficult season of confusion and spiritual dryness. When he returned to the U.S., he heard God calling him to seek Him more and consecrate himself so that he could go back into missions. Instead of doing as He asked, Connor ignored His prompting and remained comfortable.

Due to this, his relationship with Christ suffered, which led him to deep depression and suicidal thoughts. He daily battled the thoughts to end his life, but God did not leave him there. Instead, God reminded him of His goodness, so that whenever Connor did not understand the situations or struggles, he could hold to the fact that God is good.

God consistently and patiently drew him out of that pit of depression and brought his heart to a place of surrender to Him.

Helpful habits

Connor shares about some habits that help him in his spiritual growth, such as waking up and spending time with God. He primarily does so by spending time in worship before God, then reading the Word, and praying. Doing so greatly aids him in becoming more like Christ and in giving him a godly perspective to start the day.

Engaging Missions Leadership MInute

Scott McClelland of FX Missions shares about how selfishness is a sign for immaturity.

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About the ministry

How did God confirm your calling?

After going through his season of struggle and deciding to hold on to the goodness of God, Connor watched God bring confirmation upon confirmation about his calling. About a month following that revelation of God’s goodness, multiple people who did not know each other approached him and told him that God was calling him back into missions and back to YWAM. At that time, Connor struggled to accept such a calling because he had no desire to go back, especially to YWAM.

About a week after these multiple encounters, he met with a missionary in Australia named Seth Brooks. Seth told Connor to pray about his calling and to ask God if He wanted him to go into missions. He prayed and asked God, and God changed his heart to be open to returning to YWAM. As he began raising funds for his Biblical Core Class with the organization, he realized that God was calling him to more than just one school session, but to be in missions in general. He obeyed God’s call and has felt peace with where God has placed him.

What does a YWAM staffer do?

Connor informs us of the basic job description of a staffer at YWAM. This job includes pouring into the students who come to be discipled, pointing them towards Jesus, and serving the organization in whatever ways are needed. He currently knows only a part of what he will do once he gets to Switzerland. He will be leading outreach or ministry, which entails organizing a missions trip to a different country and spreading the Gospel there. As for other parts of leadership, he may be working in administration or simply cleaning the bathrooms; he desires to go and serve them wherever they need him.

Raising funds for ministry

Connor hopes to raise enough support so that he’s receiving 1,000 dollars each month. If he reaches his goal, he will have enough funding to cover both the basic expenses of YWAM as well as money for outreach and other needs.

What strengthened you in hard times?

During his last trip with YWAM, Connor found support from friends who would speak truth and God’s word when he needed it the most. Even more so, he recognized that greatest comfort and encouragement came from the Word of God. By being in the Word and listening to His voice, he could go through difficult seasons while holding on to the hope of God’s goodness and faithfulness.

Insight into God’s plans

As Connor pursues God, he knows that Jesus has called him to be in Switzerland. Concerning the future beyond that, God has not yet given clear plans, but he continues to seek after His will and heart.

What fuels your passion?

Connor’s greatest motivation to serve in missions comes from his desire to know God. More than anything else, he longs to better understand God and grow in intimacy with Him. From that yearning stems a hope for the whole world to know Him and love Him, because as he has continued to go through life, he has seen the world’s need for Jesus.

Focus on YOU, the listener

Marketplace matters

  • “James stayed, the brother of our Lord, stayed in the same place and God used him and the people who went to his church just as much as He used Paul … The people that stayed in Jerusalem and kind of just did their everyday lives were just as influential as Paul ever was.”
  • “There are people called to preach the Gospel in streets of closed nations, and God uses those people in great ways, but God also uses the people that are just alongside the everyday life, you know going to work, that God uses just as tremendously, and they’re just as important, just showing the love of God throughout the everyday so that the world can get a perspective of who Jesus is.”

Surrounded by nations

  • “I think that’s just a fantastic thing, God kind of mixing the world around so that people from Burma can get the Gospel by coming to America as well.”
  • “I think that’s great, not only for the people that are coming to our country, but kind of also for us, kind of learning, because God made those people as well, and some of those people are really great Christians, so we can learn from their faith a different kind of perspective, and some people aren’t, and we can learn from their culture and kind of shed light, the Light of Christ, into their lives.”
  • “Though, you know, today on Earth is certainly not heaven, I think it’s a great opportunity to spread the Gospel and to just live as the Kingdom of God when communities and cultures mix.”

How to form relationships with others

  • “I got in, and I got involved in something they were interested in and then gave them the respect that they just deserved, and showed them the love and treated them like they were actually better than me (when it comes to soccer, they actually were better than me).
  • “Even though some people may be disrespecting them, unfortunately, I wasn’t going to disrespect them. I was going to respect them and love them and treat them as they were made in God’s image.”

Book recommendation

Parting advice and contact info

  • “Never underestimate God.”
  • “God is more than we can handle, and we really don’t know what we’re doing with God.”
  • “God is amazing, and He’s great, and He’s really big, so for me … I’ve had to come up with new dreams because I’ve seen all my wildest dreams fulfilled already.”
  • “God is a really powerful God, and when things are submitted to Him, they become beautiful, and in my own life, it’s kind of frightening how well He can redeem things. He very intentionally has redeemed every difficult part and redeemed it all.”
  • “Wow, You’re a really powerful God.”
  • “I’ve realized that He is a really powerful God, and I don’t think we give Him enough credit for that.”
  • “Never underestimate God, and always be willing to lose yourself to find Christ.”
  • “I find that the more I am able to lay down my rights to this God, this amazing God, the freer I am, the more I become almost enslaved to Christ, the more free I am, the more joyful I am, the more powerfully I can walk in Christ.”

Contact info:

Questions, Topics, and Times

  • [00:26] – Introduction
  • [02:45] – How do you prepare for a year long commitment?
  • [04:24] – What is consecration?
  • [05:31] – Meaningful verses
  • [07:54] – Times of struggle
  • [11:54] – Helpful habits
  • [13:18] – Engaging Missions Leadership Minute
  • [16:46] – How did God confirm your calling?
  • [23:09] – What does a YWAM staffer do?
  • [25:15] – Raising funds for ministry
  • [26:13] – What strengthened you in hard times?
  • [28:00] – Insight into God’s plans
  • [28:40] – What fuels your passion?
  • [32:10] – Marketplace matters
  • [35:50] – Surrounded by nations
  • [38:02] – How to form relationships with others
  • [40:06] – Book recommendation
  • [41:11] – Parting advice and contact info


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