I’ve noticed something interesting about sports that I think applies to ministry and leadership as well. I often see it in relation to American football but I suspect it applies to other sports as well.

Whether I'm seeing people in the stands, or connecting with some friends who are watching a game on TV, it seems like there's always one thing that I notice. And it’s not necessarily the game.

Of course, to be fair, I'm not a huge sports fan, so I might not be watching the game as much as I'm watching the people. But that's where things get interesting.

Everybody knows what should happen next.

It seems like people who are watching the game are actually better at calling plays and knowing what to do and the people who are actually in charge during the game. Or at least they think they are…

And that's one of the interesting things about leadership.

You see, it's always easier to think that you have complete clarity when you're on the outside looking in, with a completely different perspective, with limited information about what's actually going on and without concern for intricacies, and the stakes for mistakes are incredibly low.

But the game changes when the stakes are higher and you're actually in charge and responsible.

That's important to know not only if you are in charge or if you're not in charge.

If you're not in charge, it's important to remember because you're not the person who's actually being held responsible for what happens. It's not that your opinion doesn't matter. But if you don't actually have the responsibility, or you don't have the relationship, or you haven't been asked for input, in your opinion might not mean quite as much is the person or people who actually are responsible.

And if you are responsible, it's important to remember that people with outside perspective can actually be really valuable sources to help you lead well. And it's important to make sure that you cultivate meaningful relationships with people who have the experience, the expertise, and the heart to help you.

And how does this affect you?

Well, if you're a leader, remember that you need these people. Seek them out. Pray and ask God to help you find your key advisers and the people who can speak into your life and your ministry.

And if you're not leading in a particular area, remember that it's important to learn into think critically and sometimes to share but you thinking see, but ultimately someone else is responsible in those areas. Use the opportunities to learn and grow. But don't forget that it's so much easier to lead when you're not actually in charge of leading then it is and you are

And above all, remember that when your leading God's people, you're actually following him and he is providing all that you need to lead well.

No what did I miss?

Is there something in this analogy that I didn't get right? is there another way to apply this?

And how are you apply this to your life?

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