Do you want to see God's glory?

I'm know that I do and I bet you do too. After all, what would be more amazing than to see God in the same way that Moses did? Or like Paul?

Or what about when we see Him face-to-face for eternity?

That'll be pretty…indescribable.

But we also want to see God's glory NOW. Where we are. We want to see people come to faith. We want to see Him move in our lives.

But often we're held back by something. 

Ourselves. Our perspectives. We just don't see what God is doing – and there's a reason for that.

That's one of the many things that Tony Evans (not THAT Tony Evans – the Tony Evans from Mission Voice Network) shared a long time ago. He was sharing a story from when he was working as an engineer and a consultant.

So, here's what happened.

Tony was working and a customer called him up in a bit of a situation. They had a piece of equipment that was really important and wasn't working. They'd already had consultants in and had been working on it for a couple of days with nothing to show for it, so they asked Tony to drop everything and head down.

On the way, Tony remembered how James wrote that if we lack wisdom, we should ask God with faith and without doubting, so he did.

When he arrived, he walked into the conference room, sat down, and started listening to the problem.

Then he heard something that totally surprised him.

It was HIS voice giving the answer to the problem. He heard the words coming out of his mouth that helped that business get back up and running.

He was there less than 10 minutes and solved the problem that had sidelined the company for at least a couple of days.

Understandably, he was feeling pretty smart on the way home. Until God reminded him of something – he'd asked God for wisdom and God gave it.

And at that moment, Tony realized something.

We so quickly want to claim credit for what God’s given us.

– Tony Evans

And when we do, we won't see God's glory unless he stops us in our tracks to remind us of what He's done, just like He did for Tony.

Maybe you struggle with pride on a regular basis. Maybe it just peeks its head up from its hole every so often.

But if you let it, pride will try to steal God's glory and you'll miss out on it.

What to do about it?

Now, maybe all what Tony did will apply to you. Or maybe your situation will be different. But I know this much – Tony repented. And that's where it starts for all of us.


Tony also called up the engineer he was working with to make it clear that it was God's wisdom that gave the answer, not Tony's smarts.

To be sure, Tony is a smart guy. But God gave the intelligence and the wisdom.

Maybe you need to do something similar. Maybe not.

But I know this much: Our pride and God's glory can't coexist.

Choose God's glory!

We so quickly want to claim credit for what God’s given us.

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