» 027: How to Care for Returning Missionaries

This is a powerful episode of the Global Missions Podcast.

It's not always easy for missionaries to return to their home church. Listen to discover 5 ways that home churches can prepare and help them to re-enter well.

Neal Pirolo shares with us what a great impact a church can have on the effectiveness of missionaries when they play an active role in a missionary's transition from the field to their home assignment. We learn about practical things we can do to help our missionaries re-enter well and what things the church should be doing to prepare themselves for their missionary's return.

Source: » 027: How to Care for Returning Missionaries

How Christians arrive at their different views of God. — @prayingmedic

Have you ever wondered how Christians come to different views of God?

As it turns out, our experiences with God are important.

I’ve spoken with a lot of drug addicts over the years who have told me that the ultimate experience in life is getting high on heroin. To someone who has had this experience, the statement might seem true, because their experience may validate the belief. But for someone who hasn’t used heroin, the statement will seem false because there is no experience to validate it. The human mind is strongly biased in favor of that which we have personally experienced. It is equally biased against that which we have not. Our experiences shape our perceptions of the universe and its realities, including our views of God.

Source: How Christians arrive at their different views of God. — Praying Medic

The question, though, is what we can do about it. I'd suggest three things:

  • Search the Scriptures
  • Allow God to speak to you
  • Be open to experiences and growth
  • Be gracious to your fellow believers

To be sure, not everything we see masquerading as “from God” actually is. And we need to be diligent (search the Scriptures). Still, we need to also be open to the possibility that our current understandings of God are, at best, incomplete and possibly flawed.

And, in doing so, allow God to grow us up into the image of His Son.

That leads to the question of application:

How have YOU grown in your understanding of God?

Leave a comment below or tweet me at @engagingmission.

Easiest way to consistent support

Tina shared the one thing that has really kept support consistent for her, and I wanted to share it with you. Note: She is a regular person just like you and me and has told me she's really struggled to be fully funded in the past.

However, she told me something that has helped it grow and be consistent.

It's one of those things that you know you *should* be doing.

Source: Easiest way to consistent support

OK… So I'm not a missionary and I've never been on a missions trip that lasted more than 10 days. But I have some friends who are full-time vocational missionaries. And I know that raising funds and maintaining relationships across the miles are both super-hard.

But did you ever consider that maintaining those relationships also impacted support levels?

Check out Darius Walker's email newsletter for a little insight.

Not called to full-time missions? No problem.

You can still impact this. Take the time to share this article. And to keep missionaries you care about in front of people.

  • Be an advocate for them.
  • Share their stories.
  • Send them emails to encourage them.
  • Pray for them.

We're in this together. God has a specific purpose for each of us. But we, as the Church, can't step into that calling without Him and each other.

And while you're at it, check out his amazing resource – Be a Fully Funded Missionary. It's in-depth and has helped countless missionaries raise funds to do what God's called them to do.

I believe in it and have partnered with Darius to help promote it so that more missionaries can have the resources to fulfill the vision God's given them.

Check it out here: https://gumroad.com/a/33961075/pLrs

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