Struggling with where you are in life and ministry? Consider this.

Struggling with where you are in life and ministry? Consider this.

Are you content? I mean, really content with your life, your calling, your relationship with God?

Sometimes I'm not.

I wish I was. But sometimes it's so easy to start focusing on the things that aren't going the way I'd like. To look at others who seem super-successful or effective in life or ministry. To compare the blooper reel that often is my life to the picture-perfect Instagram feeds of those around me. And to feel like my life and what I'm doing doesn't matter.

And maybe that kind of dissatisfaction sometimes affects you, too.

Overcoming the dissatisfaction

It's in those times that I remember what Curt Bryson shared after he returned from Kenya the first time. It was fairly early on in the show and I was just happy to get some time to talk with my friend about his experiences and to see what God had done in his life.

As we were sharing, he dropped a couple of bombshells that really impacted me and have helped me to reset my thinking.

I can tell you about Christ but if you don't see it in my actions, it means nothing.

– Curt Bryson

That first one helps me remember that our places in life are a matter of God's calling and leading. At least they are if we're actually following Him. And the idea of stepping outside of His calling to pursue “greatness,” while common, is silly

But the second one really hit me because it can be an indictment. Maybe there are times when I'm dissatisfied because my actions are misaligned with what I believe or say. And maybe those times are stealing my joy.

But also, maybe there are times that I don't see what I'm doing as valuable because I've forgotten that I'm an Ambassador for the Kingdom. That I have the high and holy calling of bringing God's presence with me wherever I go. That I am called to bring light into places of darkness.

Maybe I need to remember that God made me for His purpose, not mine. And that it's at His pleasure I serve. And that my service to Him is valuable, whether I see it as noble or common. It's His choice, not mine (Romans [9:20]-21).

And while I might not get the places I would choose, I do get the light that comes from Christ living in me. And that's pretty powerful.

While I might not be “doing” missions in the traditional sense, I am living the life of Christ when I bring His light with me.

It's in realigning and remembering

It's in being aligned with God's calling and remembering that it's in His presence we find our joy that we also see our calling as it is. That what we say and do has eternal value.

And it's then that we find contentment.

What about you?

Are you content?

  • If you know you’re not doing what God’s directed you to do or if your actions are not aligned to what you believe, ask Him to forgive you and help you to align with His will.
  • If you’re dissatisfied, examine your expectations and what you have your eyes on rather than Him.
  • And if you’re all good but you know someone who’s struggling, gently encourage them. Your encouragement may make all the difference to them.


I can tell you about Christ but if you don't see it in my actions, it means nothing.

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[tis] Hope 😍 – 20/2016 – Update from Brian Thompson @bt4jc

I love how Brian Thompson stays connect, personal, and vision-driven in his email newsletters. And how he's able to live an integrated live.

Check out what's going on!

The third week of our training here in Hemet, California, is to be an ordinary STS workshop led by the attendees of the past two weeks of training. My role is to oversee (with another instructor) a team of people leading the workshop. Then we have one last week of training here before I take off to lead training in Guatemala for ten days.

Source: [tis] Hope 😍 – 20/2016

Update from Caleb Suko in Ukraine

I hope you are encouraged by this update from Caleb Suko, who was a guest on the Engaging Missions Show. If you enjoy this short update, please check out his blog and podcast at

Summer is a very busy time in Ukraine. Here in Odessa, along the shore of the Black Sea we have hundreds of thousands of tourists. This drives prices up on rentals and makes it very difficult for many of the refugees that we work with. Currently, the group of about 500 refugees is negotiating with the city concerning their living arrangements. It looks like they're going to have to start paying regular rent where they are staying in a government building. Few have the means to pay this rent so some are considering going back to Eastern Ukraine. Prayers for this group of refugees is appreciated as well as for us as we minister to them.

Right on Target – Full Speed Ahead!  

I hope you are encouraged by this update from Rich Frazer, who was a guest on the Engaging Missions Show. If you enjoy this short excerpt, please check out the full newsletter and consider subscribing, as well as partnering with Optional contenthim financially and in prayer.

We in the SOS International Network recently had the opportunity to recheck the route we were traveling during the Global Proclamation Congress for Pastoral Trainers in Bangkok, Thailand.  We determined that we have been on the right track for the last 37 years, equipping leaders to fulfill their ministries in their own context and nations!  Being in a conference of 3000 men and women who are committed to the same strategy reminded us that we have been doing the most effective mission work being done today.  We are more confident than EVER that we are accelerating world evangelism and disciple-making by developing healthy leaders who will lead and develop healthy ministries that will reach and disciple communities, cities and nations.

Source: Right on Target – Full Speed Ahead!  

Updated from Lee Wood of 1 Body Ministries (@Lee1Body)

Updated from Lee Wood of 1 Body Ministries (@Lee1Body)

Lee Wood of 1 Body Ministries had some very encouraging stories to share. I asked him if I could put them here (for you) and he said I could. So here you go.

Lee Wood 1 Body MinistriesIMG_5677-min

Met Abdu Muhammad at our block party which was attended by refugees from Somalia, Syria, Ethiopia, Myanmar and others. He told how as a Muslim in Ethiopia 7 years ago he had a dream in which a bright light was shining on him and told him the Koran was wrong. The voice told him to go to Djibouti. He had no passport or money but went to the bus station and was met by a man he didn't know that helped him get there. He was taken in and cared for by people he did not know in Djibouti. While there he heard the gospel and came to faith in Jesus. He immediately began sharing Jesus with Muslims and has been tortured, threatened with death, beaten etc… He joyfully says this is nothing to him. He had another dream a year ago and was told to come to the United States. He has been here for two months as a refugee and lives in the apartments across from a house church we have in the community. On Saturday he is fasting and praying and he comes over to the block party and begins to boldly share the gospel in Arabic with our Muslim neighbors. Please pray for him and us as we co labor with one another in the community. That's him on the left in the picture with the guys arm around him.

Second one

Tonight as leaders we gathered at the Fieldhouse to dedicate it as a space committed to focus on 3 things: love God, others, and to make disciples who make disciples. We shared what God was doing in our lives and house churches, we prayed with and for one another, we shared a meal and the Lords supper, we worshiped in Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs and sent out missionaries from our movement to another nation to reach unreached people groups there.

That all might know,

Some photos from Lee

Harvest Report from Chuck Huckaby (@RevChuckHuckaby)

This is an update from Chuck Huckaby.


“I sent you to reap what you have not worked for. Others have done the hard work, and you have reaped the benefits of their labor.” (‭‭John‬ ‭4, v 38‬ ‭NIV‬‬)

On Saturday we did a house blessing. A man going through a divorce had been referred by his cousin and his daughter texted me to set it up a few days before.

We went trusting the Lord to do something great and we were not disappointed!

Our hearts went out to the people and they were responsive as we blessed the home and declared the power of Jesus Christ for them and over their home.

They were all baptized believers in background, but have been having some issues.

The father has a step son in the military and in a local mental treatment facility. He mentioned visiting him and I offered to visit and pray with the young man and we set up a time.

Today we went to the mental facility. The young man wanted God's help but was not able to explain the Gospel well so we covered that from “Creation to Christ” and what it meant to follow Christ (7 general commands of Christ).

I asked him if he wanted to follow Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior? If so I asked him to say that to the Lord in prayer.

He prayed a heartfelt and beautiful and unprompted prayer!

The father and I prayed for him in Christ's Name and especially for him to be strengthened by the Holy Spirit and be healed of any weakness or infirmity.

I talked to him about spiritual battles ahead and told him the story of the Prodigal Son.

He told the story back to us and we talked about how this story was told originally to show how The Father receives and rejoices those who repent and return to the Lord!

I told him when doubt comes to remind himself “You are this son – you have the Father's robe, ring, and rejoicing now that you have repented.”

I'll be following up with him/them on the commands of Christ and basic “identity in Christ” material which I will teach to the father and son for them to teach other.

I have to work fast with the son – he may leave the area as soon as July 13.

May the Lord continue and prosper what was started!

If you're wondering why the particular verse from John was chosen this family knew and felt loved by a faithful Christian man in our church who was especially kind to the young man now in treatment. When I learned that, I told them God had simply sent us to continue the mission this man had started.

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