Are you preferring to be a martyr?

– Brent Bazler

Do you sometimes struggle to get your priorities right? I know that I do. It seems like I almost always prefer something over simply obeying God. Sometimes I prefer convenience and comfort. Other times, I prefer to “play the martyr.”

Not a real martyr. The melodramatic one.

Something like that happened to Brent Bazler. He and his family were serving in a “creative access” country. The reality of their potential martyrdom was a little more real than what happens when I think of stepping out in faith in my neighborhood.

But when God called them back to the US, they didn't want to come. They had to pray about it.

And God asked them a question: “Are you preferring to be a martyr?”

The answer to that question set them on a path back to the US, where they are now more fruitful than ever because of how they're pouring into the lives of new, young missionaries.

How about you?

Are you preferring comfort and convenience over simple obedience? 

Remember that Christ told us that those who try to preserve their lives will lose them.

Does obedience seem too simple? Too easy to be God?

Remember that Christ told us that His yoke is easy and His burden is light.

Are you avoiding obedience because it seems too small?

Remember what Naaman's servant asked him at the Jordan river.


are you preferring to be a martyr

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