Brent and Temple Cundall were guests on the Engaging Missions Show. Here's an excerpt from their recent newsletter. You should check out the rest (and maybe subscribe too).

God's doing some amazing and creative things in their lives.

After much prayer, consideration and input from a recent trip to London, we are very excited to announce a new chapter on this journey to serve in London. A plan has come together through the Serge sending center and the London team that would allow us to use theĀ 50% that we have raised of our monthly support needs to work part-time for the churches there. The rest of the time during the week would be devoted to starting a music school that would finance the rest of our support needs on the ground.

Our conversations in Southall have pointed us to the fact that there is a large demand for basic guitar and drum lessons in the community but few teachers around to provide the lessons. Combine these lessons with pre-school music classes for the young kids (which Temple teaches now) and then add a “School of Rock” for the older kids and we feel there is a great opportunity not only for financial profit but outreach in the community as well.

via Cundall Ministry Report – August 2014.

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