Former guest, Caleb Suko is in Ukraine right now and has requested prayer. I'm taking some time to pray about the situation and I'd ask you to do the same.

Below are nine specific prayer requests. If you want to hear the details behind these requests please listen to this podcast episode.

  • Pray that the Ukrainian leaders would be given wisdom from God as they try to figure out how to secure their country.
  • Pray for the safety of Ukrainian troops and that they would not lose hope.
  • Pray for the many Russian soldiers and their families who are being “forced” to fight in Ukraine.
  • Pray for the city of Mariupol as they prepare to defend their city from Russian troops only 12 miles away!
  • Pray our team of missionaries as we work with churches to help refugees.
  • Pray for a team from our church who is going out this weekend to minister to soldiers in Kherson area.
  • Pray for Christina and I as we travel to Kyiv this weekend for papers needed in her permanent residency permit.
  • Pray for the family I mentioned above as they seek work and long-term housing.
  • Pray for me as I prepare a sermon series for our church on worry and anxiety.

via #36 A Dark Cloud Is Rolling Over Ukraine -9 Ways to Pray | The Suko Family.

Also, if you've not heard Caleb's interview on Engaging Missions, you're missing out. He was very inspiring and insightful in what he shared.

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