Do you sometimes dread ministry?

There was a season in my life when I did. I started ducking calls. I started pre-judging conversations. I was short with people. I felt overwhelmed. All of those were sure signs that something was out of balance.

For me, it was time to lay down some of what I was doing but it was also time to reset my perspective. To come back to Christ and let Him reorder my life.

It's been long enough now that I don't remember all that was messed up but I can tell you this much: I wasn't seeing ministry as worship.

That's why Sean's comment about seeing ministry as worship resonated so strongly with me.

I don't see ministry as work.
I see it as worship.

Sean Steckbeck

Now, when we say “seeing ministry as worship,” we're not saying that all ministry is happy, clappy, dancing, jumping and crying. Nor that it's solemn and serious. But rather, that with a right perspective, everything – our lives, our ministry, our work, our music, our reading, our walking around, and even our sleep and rest – are worship (see Romans 12:1).

If we'll let them be.

And if we will, our life, work, and ministry will come from a place of love. A place of submission. A place of God's rest and strength rather than our own effort and weakness.

And that's powerful.

So here's the question for you and me: Is your ministry work or worship?

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