This week I’m really happy to bring you Brent Bazler (alias), who works with the Nashville base for Youth With a Mission (YWAM). In our time together, he shared some amazing stories of God’s faithfulness and offered a two-part framework for encouraging, supporting, and blessing missionaries in unconventional ways as well as the “M.L.P.” framework for making ministry decisions.

Before becoming a missionary, Brent spent time as an educator, living for the summer mission trips until it finally became clear that he and his family needed to step into full-time ministry in order to be obedient to where God was leading them. Since that transition they have faced challenges and also seen amazing examples of God’s faithfulness.

I so enjoy the way Brent delights in The Lord and trusts so fully. I’m sure that you will enjoy this interview.

Key Scripture

The LORD will keep your going out and your coming in from this time forth and forevermore. Ps 121:8 Click To Tweet



  1. How a 16th floor apartment, and angel, and a roll of film are part of the same story
  2. What happened just before a dentist appointment
  3. How God confirmed that Brent’s children had the right idea when it came time for a significatn life change (and investment)


How God used a group of ladies from a church in California to challenge Brent and his family. And how that led to a new direction in their ministry.

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One Thing

The one thing that Brent wishes he would have known when he just started out. And how he’s seen God’s faithfulness.

Current Ministry

  • How ministry and children fit together for Brent and his wife.
  • A fun way that YWAM Nashville is supporting their community (hint: you can find out more and even be involved if you sign up here before May 10, 2014)
  • Some other exciting things that involve both Brent and YWAM Nashville

What’s special about YWAM Nashville?

There are a number of different missions organizations. Each tends to have their own focus and I believe that all are valuable. In our discussion, Brent offered up some things that he believes make YWAM unique.

  • YWAM is an extremely flexible organization, willing to move on short notice
  • YWAM Nashville is good at building and maintaining relationships.
  • Find out what an umbrella and a C.U.P. have to do with worship and the ministry direction of YWAM Nashville.
  • The “M.L.P.” framework for making ministry decisions.
    • Ministry (What should I do?)
    • Location (Where should I go?)
    • People (Who should I be involved with?)

Level Up

Brent offers some great “outside the box” ideas for what people can do to encourage and support missionaries. He shares a couple of ways that people have helped him and his family in the past. And he offers a framework for being able to discover those unconventional ways to support and encourage missionaries.

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Speed Round

Best Advice

Read the proverbs every day and do what they say. Click To Tweet

Something someone did to support

How Brent’s parents made a financial sacrifice that has paid dividends for the rest of their lives.

Personal Success Habit

Brent says that a key for him has been reading God’s word and praying some very particular kinds of prayers.

Internet Resource

TNTmpd – donor relationship software that not only tracks donors, but also helps build long-term relationships between missionaries and their supporters.


New Place

What Brent would do first if he found himself unexpectedly in a new place is based on prayer and experience. He knows that the first week is critical. He would focus first on the things that are most critical but would also put a laptop to good use doing…

Parting Advice

Take steps to finish the last thing you remember God telling you to do. Click To Tweet Ask God what is the one thing you should do right now. Click To Tweet

Contact Information

Email (listen to the interview for the address)


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