I’ve been anticipating this interview with Corben Barber for a few weeks. He’s a recent graduate of a Discipleship Training School (DTS) with the Nashville base for Youth With a Mission (YWAM). After completing his DTS, Corben went on a two month trip to Uganda.

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Corben graduated from high school last year and went almost directly into Youth With a Mission (YWAM). After completing the study portion of his Discipleship Training School (DTS), he and the team he was on went to Uganda.

His team just returned to the States a few weeks ago and I’ve been hoping to get him on the show ever since. In past weeks, we’ve heard from people currently on the mission field, some who have transitioned into the marketplace, or who lead missions-related organizations in the US. But Corben is our first guest who just returned from a short-term mission trip.

Key Quote

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Corben shares with us what crutches and digestive problems have to do with a lady who wanted to receive the Gospel.

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Their trip involved a service project with aquaponics but when they completed their project, they realized something that made them wonder why they were really there. Their discovery “destroyed” their plans for the rest of the trip but led to a personal revelation.

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Current Ministry

Corben has completed his time with YWAM and is seeking God for his next assignment. While he's in this time of waiting to see what's next, he wants to be focused on a couple of specific things. But he also realizes that just because he's in a holding pattern doesn't mean God can't use him right now.

Level Up

Corben mentions how just sharing lunch and having a real conversation as friends can encourage a missionary. That's something that we can do with anyone in our lives.

Speed Round


Corben realized something when he returned that he wishes he would have known because it would have made re-entry easier.

Best Advice

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Something someone did to support

While random financial gifts are great, adding a pause and one simple word to, “How are you doing?” made all the difference.

Personal Success Habit

Corben has taken one practice that was mandatory while he was in Discipleship Training School and made it part of his life in a slightly different way.

Internet Resource



The Bible (Romans)

New Place

Corben shares some advice that focuses differently on the first day than the final six.

Parting Advice

Never lose sight of the Gospel, even upon coming home. There are people all around you who are hungry for the things you’ve learned but they don’t know what they’re hungry for.

And, don't be afraid to look like a fool

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