Helping Missionaries Manage Their Support with Paul Yoder of DonorElfPaul Yoder was a full-time missionary with Word Made Flesh. During that time he was closely involved with the struggles missionaries have raising and tracking support and developed some software that helped them. Ultimately, though, he had to leave after only 9 months.

After leaving, Paul entered the workforce full-time. Still, he couldn't forget the challenges he and other missionaries faced every day in managing their support. Finally, he decided to take what he'd already done and develop a new web application to help missionaries address the specific pain points he and others were experiencing.

Out of that desire to take the headache out of tracking support, DonorElf was born. Paul's hope is that missionaries will be able to focus more on what's most important in their lives and ministries.

In this week's interview, Paul and I talk a little about DonorElf. Through it all, though, as we focused on the story of God in his life, we saw so clearly how God has had His hand on Paul's life through all the twists and turns his life took.

Key Quote

Paul shared two quotes that are really meaningful to him.

Your heart is free. Have the courage to follow it. Click To Tweet The glory of God is man fully alive. Click To Tweet

i want to live fully alive


There was a time when shortly after the birth of Paul's first son that he was working full-time and working on DonorElf, too. It was becoming too much and Paul was about to burn out.

It was exactly at that time God began to show him the other side of the Sabbath. It's not just about rest; Paul shares what God showed Him.

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There was a time when Paul was struggling with why God would have him move to be involved with a missions organization, knowing that he would fail at that and have to reenter the workforce. As he prayed about it, God revealed something very meaningful to him.

Current Ministry

Much of Paul's current ministry is tied to DonorElf. It's already doing great things for missionaries and he personally handles many of the things an IT department would handle for larger organizations. Still, he wants it to do more and he shared several things he's hoping to add to the software so that it can be even more helpful.

Level Up

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Speed Round


Paul wishes he would have known how much work it would be. But he's glad he didn't because he might not have built DonorElf in the first place.

Best Advice

Success is a common idol in the US. Get your sense of worth from who God says you are. @PaulYoder Click To Tweet

Support and Encouragement

One very important person has believed in Paul and his vision for DonorElf since the beginning.

Personal Success Habit

Paul starts his morning very early (listen to find out how early) so that he can pray, read the Bible, and work on DonorElf before he leaves for work.

Internet Resource

Paul shared two internet resources

Book Recommendation

The God Ask by Steve Shadrach

New Place

Paul loves the outdoors. Find out what he'd do if he found himself in a new place.

Parting Advice

When you get burnt out, take a Sabbath. @PaulYoder Click To Tweet
Let yourself get your sense of worth from who God says you are, not what you do for God. @PaulYoder Click To Tweet

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