EM016 Church Planting Multiplication with Jay JudsonJay Judson spent 12 years ministering in a closed country. He's really good at jump-starting and multiplying networks of churches among historically bible-less people groups.

I want to share some statistics with you because they’re astounding: Jay has trained 7 people. That may not sound ground-breaking but Scripture reminds us that we shouldn’t despise the day of small beginnings.

Those trainees report nearly 42,500 people baptized in nearly 1,050 house churches across 10 previously unreached people groups. Additionally, he’s also worked with several groups jump-starting ministries in southern Asia.

In this week's interview he shares some astounding numbers of baptisms that all started by him finding ways to decrease so that God could decrease. And the strategies Jay and others use will work in any culture – even the US.

Life in Ministry

Jay shares a little about himself and his ministry. When he started ministering, he found few allies in pastors. Instead, God brought him “common” people to disciple and send out, starting networks of churches in homes.

  • He met them on their turf.
  • He focused on the key elements of discipleship and let his key partners help him make it culturally relevant.
  • He asked, “How can we help Buddhist-background people feel comfortable worshiping Jesus?”
  • In the middle of oppression and suffocating poverty, they were able to ask, “Would you like to hear about hope?”

would you like to hear about hope

Key Scripture

I must decrease so that He can increase. (See John 3:30) Click To Tweet


In 2004 he started seeing tremendous breakthroughs among the Buddhist people. Almost immediately he experienced total kidney failure and had to return to the US. He was on dialysis for a couple of months.

In that time, the 7 churches he had planted grew to 11, and then to 30 in the following 3 months. The churches kept multiplying while he wasn't there, which is the whole point.


Meeting Dr. George Patterson totally changed how Jay approaches ministry and discipleship. Through the training he received, he learned effective ways to plant churches and to approach strategic ministry. He also learned that his focus on decreasing so that Christ could increase was critical. He

Current Ministry

He's received reports of over 20,000 baptisms over the last 4 months. As you'll hear Jay explain, he's intentionally under-reporting that number until he's been able to verify it even though he's personally trained and trusts the people who have given that report.

Significance in the Marketplace

Jay shared how one of his friends in Oregon owns a construction company and is totally about God's business in and through his business. He said that his friend (and trainee) has literally baptized people in a front-end loader and is really seeing God's Kingdom advance.

Level Up

Jay suggested that we do two specific things to “level up” our giving. First, focus on giving to the missionaries that we already know and love rather than giving to an organization. And, second, he provided two resources – foundations that will take seed money and invest it for the purpose of giving even more for the advancement of the Kingdom.

If you're interested in that, check out both of the links below. Check them out thoroughly before you consider using them to ensure that their goals and requirements align with what you believe God would have you do.

Speed Round

Best Advice

I must decrease and Jesus must increase through other leaders who are multiplying. Click To Tweet

Personal Success Habit

Get on people’s turf who are far from God. Click To Tweet

Internet Resource

Book Recommendation

Shifts in Society

If we don't obey the Great Commission, God will bring it to us. Click To Tweet We have to think like missionaries like those who are coming in. Click To Tweet

Ministering to Neighbors

Practice telling the story of the Prodigal Son. Then, just tell the story and ask if they like the story. If they do, ask who they will share it with.

New Place

Spiritual antennas would be up, actively looking for the person God is already talking to – the person of peace. There are multitudes of people who are ready and responsive to the Gospel right now but we need to find them, get on their turf, have Bible studies in their homes, and let it multiply.

We don't have to argue people into the Kingdom. Click To Tweet Trust the Holy Spirit; that should be a mantra we chant to ourselves. Click To Tweet

Contact Info

New Place

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