Curt BrysonI'm really excited to bring you Curt Bryson today. Curt is a former roommate of mine, a good friend of mine, and he was able to join me in the studio.

He's been in Kenya for the past two years and is planning to return in a few months. Over the last two years he's been working with Suba Environmental Education of Kenya (S.E.E.K), which was founded by Don and Nancy Richards. With his involvement in S.E.E.K. he's been able to offer training programs in schools, minister to widows and orphans, and has started a few things that we discussed in this interview.


Life in Ministry

Curt shared that his life in ministry isn't all that different from having a job. In fact, he has a job – ministering at S.E.E.K. He teaches environmental studies in schools every day and leads Bible studies. He has days off and regular work hours just like the rest of us. It's just that his work is a little different.

Key Scripture

For I resolved to know nothing...except Jesus Christ and him crucified. 1 Corinthians 2:2 Click To Tweet

Curt said that the entire time he's been in Kenya, this scripture has guided his perspective and his actions. When times are tough or when things seem to be going well, he remembers Christ and Him crucified.


For Curt, one of the most difficult things he went through was his transition during the first month. During that time, he had a hard time because he was accustomed to being surrounded by friends and family but went to Kenya alone. The cultural and language differences were made it hard for him to connect at first and he instantly realized he no longer had the support he used to enjoy.

During that time he had to focus on his time alone with God. Incidentally, that also shaped how he approached challenges during the remainder of his time there.


Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.
James 5:16

During on a ministry trip to one of the villages, Curt felt like the Holy Spirit led him to focus on the “prayer of a righteous man availeth much” part of James 5:16. Because of that, he took the opportunity to pray for a pregnant mother, which led to the story he shared.

Current Ministry

Curt has a heart to help students in Kenya who are unable to afford education. Unlike the US and many nations where high school education is compulsory, it is expensive for Kenyans to continue their education. So much that in the county where he lives, only 11% of children attend high school.

And, without that education, most are destined to a life of driving a motorcycle, fishing on Lake Victoria, or prostitution.

However, unlike many aid programs, they do not give resources to the children. Rather, they disciple them and give them jobs so that they can have the dignity of paying their own way.

Significance in the Marketplace

Many who are called to the marketplace are missionaries even though they've never been on a mission trip. When you carry the light of Christ, everywhere you go you're somewhat of a missionary.

“Anybody who carries the light of Christ anywhere they go and tells people about Christ is doing missions.”

Level Up

Two things that could really help missionaries are to pay attention to what they're doing and help get the word out. In a world where most of the news is negative and focused on hate and fear, we need people whose perspective allows them to share the Good News of the Kingdom across the globe.

This reminds me of what our former guests Autumn Kerr and Denise Piñeiros shared.

Everybody's where they're at because God called them there. Click To Tweet

Even when sponsoring a child through Compassion, International or an organization like Christ Gift Academy, it's important to stay involved. To pray. To care.

Speed Round


  • How much he missed cold drinks and ice

Best Advice

Whatever happens over there, do not go back hating America. Click To Tweet

Personal Success Habit

  • Reading the Bible and praying every day

Internet Resource

Book Recommendation

Shifts in Society

Introduce yourself to know people from other cultures. Learn about their cultures and ask them about their food. Many are friendly and inviting and they love having people in their homes.

Cross-Cultural Ministry

Introduce yourself and talk with them. You don't have tho throw the bible in their faces. Just let them see you walking out your faith daily.

I can tell you about Christ but if you don't see it in my actions, it means nothing. Click To Tweet

New Place

When Curt first entered Kenya, he spent six months just watching and serving. During that time he learned the culture and the people. And, after that time he saw the need to help children with school fees.

If you put pressure on yourself to 'get it done,' it become about you and not about God. Click To Tweet

Parting Advice

Be a missionary now. Start living it out now. Click To Tweet

Contact Info

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