Missional Community and Discipleship in PeruSteve Bremner is this week's guest. As we talked, he shared some exciting things about how their ministry has shifted over the years and some of the amazing things God has been doing in the past few months. I think you'll be encouraged and inspired as you listen.

Steve is a Canadian-born missionary to Peru who stopped off in Florida for his ministry education. He’s also a blogger, author, the host of the Fire on Your Head podcast.

I first found Steve through his podcast and really enjoyed it. I loved hearing how God was using their ministry to bring people to know Christ and to advance the Kingdom.

Life in Ministry

Steve's life isn't all that different from life in North America. There are some small inconveniences and differences. But, for the most part, their life is somewhat like what yours may be like.

In missions we often think of jungles. But in Steve's case, the differences are more subtle.

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Challenge, Revelation, and Current Ministry

Like us, Steve has had a number false starts and failures. These are the things that missionaries don't often share when they're visiting churches and seeking support. They don't always want to talk about the disciple who walked away from Christ or the ministry outreach that they had to shut down because it wasn't bearing fruit.

In Steve's journey, it took about five years for him get to where he THOUGHT he was headed when he started out – involved in a ministry school. Along the way there have been a number of things that have changed and some false starts that he shares with us.

In fact, it's been just recently that they've started to see significant fruit.

Significance in the Marketplace

Steve shares that we all struggle with the “grass is greener” mentality. That everyone wonders sometimes if they would be more fruitful somewhere else.

Level Up

Often it's not about giving more [money]. It can be really valuable for a missionary to know that you are praying for them and how you are praying for them.

Note: This reminds me of what Darius Walker shared in his interview.

Speed Round


Best Advice

Personal Success Habit

  • Asking God, “Is this really what we should do?”

Internet Resource

Book Recommendations

Shifts in Society

Be mindful that these people know they are guests but might not think of their home as a “missions destination.” In fact, many of these countries are sending out missionaries.

Parting Advice

If you have the chance to go on a short-term missions trip, go. But do it with a heart to serve. Ask the missionaries or ministers what they need rather than coming with your own agenda.

Contact Info

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