This week is a real treat; We have Geoff and Breanna Butterworth with us. You might not know them but I've been friends with them for some time and I'm so happy to hear about what God has been doing in their lives.

EM028- Worship Ministry in Latvia with Geoff and Breanna Butterworth

Photo credit: Benjamin McCain

Geoff and Breanna live in Nashville, Tennessee and both work in the marketplace. Breanna is a visual artist and Geoff is a songwriter, worship leader, and recording engineer. But that's not all. God's called them to go to places that can't afford them, leading worship and encouraging the worship leaders they find when they arrive.

That's exactly how it was on their recent trip to Latvia with Paradigm Worship International. As you listen, I believe you'll be encouraged and challenged at the same time.

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Key Scripture

Geoff spends time in private worship. One day this scripture really stood out. As he prayed, he began crying out for this generation.

It's become his personal mission statement and the focus for the entire band. They are always asking themselves if what they're doing will call a generation to seek God's face.

Such is the generation of those who seek him, who seek your face, God of Jacob. Psalm 24:6 Click To Tweet


During their preparation for the trip to Latvia, Breanna lost her father unexpectedly. It was a really difficult time for her and she kept asking herself a question.

How am I going to minister to other people when I feel so broken myself? Click To Tweet

As she prayed about this, God began to show her what He does to repair the broken pieces. That pointed her to a Japanese art form called Kintsugi. In this art form, the artist does something specific to repair broken pottery. The point of the way it's repaired is to bring emphasis to the parts that are mended. In the end, the piece is believed to be more beautiful because of how the broken pieces are put back together.

Note: This reminded me of Isaiah 61:3.


For Geoff and Breanna, God's revelation has been a process rather than a moment. Over the years He's showed them that they need to keep things as simple as possible.

As artists and ministers, there can be so many things to keep track of. It's easy to be distracted and to make things more complex – to focus on the minutia rather than the big picture.

God has been showing them that if they are obedient and diligent, He'll take care of the details.

Find out where God wants you to go and go. Click To Tweet

Current Ministry

God has called Geoff and Breanna to minister in the “uncommon” places – often, places that can't afford them. They're finding that when they follow, the harvest is ripe.

In their recent trip to Latvia, what God did encouraged them. They are excited about the connections they now have with God's work in Eastern Europe. And by what God did to increase the size of a local church to 10 times its previous size in a week.

Significance in the Marketplace

Breanna reminded us of one thing and had two suggestions.

What they’re doing DOES matter. Maybe it’s about asking God why they are where they are. Click To Tweet
Ask what is the purpose for me being in this job, field, or business? Click To Tweet
It’s about bringing our gifts and using those as a way to express who God is. Click To Tweet

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Speed Round


Keep it Simple. Keep the basics as the main things. Click To Tweet

Best Advice

Always remember that your best gift is your heart for God. Click To Tweet

Personal Success Habit

  • Private worship. Staying in God's presence.

Internet Resource

Book Recommendation

Shifts in Society

It’s about building relationships first. Click To Tweet
Look for some practical ways you can help them. Click To Tweet

Cross-Cultural Ministry

Geoff and Breanna suggest that we learn more about their culture, get to know them, and be hospitable. Becoming friends can go a long way.

New Place

Geoff would look for the closest church that is reaching out into the community and look for ways to partner with them. He'd go buy some blank CDs and start recording worship on the streets. And he'd look for people leading worship so that he could encourage them.

Look for what God is doing and partner with Him. Click To Tweet

Parting Advice

Keep the basics first: worship, being centered around the Bible, prayer. Click To Tweet

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