It's exciting that missions can take so many different forms. There are opportunities to teach, to preach, to build, to love, and to encourage. Really, if God calls, there's something for everybody.

EM029- World Music Mission with Kurt Coble

Kurt Coble is uniquely talented and called to pour into worship leaders and he's grown it far beyond his own ability. Through World Music Mission, Kurt matches the needs of worship leaders around the world with the skills and talents of other musicians, technicians, and worship leaders.

He travels widely within North America, sharing the stories of what God is doing. While he's traveling, he also gets to see the excitement of revelation as musicians catch the vision for what God is doing around the world.

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Life in Ministry

Kurt's Christian heritage spans a wide variety of cultures and styles. He sees the value of other cultures and the beauty of their music. He's traveled to Spain and Mexico City but his experience is much wider than that.

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Kurt enjoys living in Nashville, Tennessee. Because there are so many musicians, producers, and engineers, there are many opportunities. He spends much of his time traveling. While he's on the road, he's able to share what he knows and inspire others to do the same.

Key Scripture

After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb. They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands.
Revelation 7:9


Of course, every day can be challenging but one of the most focused challenges has been funding the ministry. Kurt had hoped to run various businesses rather than raising funds through donations. Along the way, there were several difficult experiences.


While Kurt was taking a class at Williamson Christian College, God began stirring some things in his heart. The idea of being accountable for all the things that God brought into his life challenged him. About the same time, Brent Cundall was experiencing some similar stirrings. That's what led them to co-found World Music Mission.

Current Ministry

Kurt's excited that it seems like he's on the tip of something big and he's expecting to see God move powerfully. He's meeting lots of people and is able to see them catch the fire and hear the ideas of what they can do to grow worship around the world.

Significance in the Marketplace

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Kurt has several suggestions for how we can effectively live our faith in the workplace.

Level Up

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Kurt has some very practical suggestions of ways that you can help a missionary in practical ways. Maybe some you've not thought of before.

Speed Round


  • How to be better organized

Best Advice

  • Be patient

Personal Success Habit

  • Relying on the Holy Spirit

Internet Resource

Book Recommendation

Kurt had two suggestions. One is a movie and the other is an author.

Shifts in Society

Kurt suggests that we smile and get to know them by talking with people from other cultures. He also had some suggestions for questions to ask that might highlight needs you can meet and how you can befriend them.

  • Ask about their culture and where they're from.
  • Ask how they're doing in the US.
  • Ask if they have friends or connections.
  • Ask if they miss home.
  • Ask how they feel about being in the US.

New Place

Kurt would head to a marketplace, where there's food. He'd find someone who can translate and then begin to ask questions to find out more about the culture and where he can find government people and churches in the area.

He'd try to get connected with some churches and find out how he can serve them. Knowing his unique gifts, he'd look for the needs that he can meet and how he can show people the love Jesus has for them.

Parting Advice

Remember that having the opportunity to know God every day is a privilege. Sometimes it's hard but we're comforted the same God who was good yesterday is still God today.

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Contact Info

New Place

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Personally, I recommend the Bible. Just about any translation. You can't go wrong to have God's word available when you're driving to work, out for a walk, or working out. It's what I did when I joined Audible over 7 years ago.

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