Miriam Paul (pen name) lives and ministers in a Majority Muslim nation. In the region where she lives, it is legal to be a Christian and to worship but it is illegal for any Muslim to convert to Christianity. Further, it's illegal to do anything to convert a Muslim to any other religion.

As we talked, she shared some powerful insights into ministry and our relationship with God. She shared her testimony, her perspective, and some of the ways God is moving.

Listen to hear how God called her to this ministry and to discover what fuels her passion.

What we talked about

  • [00:34]– Introduction
  • [01:54]– How God called Miriam to a majority-Muslim nation
  • [07:27]– How can we learn more about the reality of the world?
  • [08:25]– Is it difficult to reconcile a loving God with a broken world?
  • [09:36]– Do you ever battle fear living in a “creative access” area of the world?
  • [11:53]– Foundational Scripture from Romans
  • [13:27]– A significant challenge in Miriam's life
  • [16:13]– Engaging Missions Leadership Moment
  • [19:30]– How is God moving in the area where you live?
  • [23:02]– Are you able to be open with your faith where you live?
  • [26:17]– Do you live according to the Kosher diet to avoid offending Muslims?
  • [27:45]– How do you bridge the gap between Allah and Yahweh (Jehovah)?
  • [30:38]– What excites you the most about what you're doing?
  • [32:17]– Is the Koran only valid in the original language?
  • [34:17]– What fuels your passion in ministry?
  • [36:23]– Do you normally work with individuals, families, or groups?
  • [42:36]– What would you share with someone called into the marketplace who is wondering if what they do really matters for the Kingdom?
  • [44:08]– What would you like to say about refugees?
  • [49:17]– Is the Church living the Gospel in spite of what we're often told?
  • [50:18]– What would you share with somebody who is realizing they're surrounded by people from other countries?
  • [52:19]– What resource would you recommend for our listeners?


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