EM128 Annette Eastis Face Quote-minOn today’s episode of Engaging Missions, our guest – Annette Eastis – shares a powerful testimony of healing, forgiveness, and love. Although she went through very traumatic experiences as a child, she has now found rest and hope in the love of Christ.

She and her husband work as ministers across the country by reaching out to kids at skate parks and sharing the Gospel with them. As the skaters come to know Christ, Annette and her husband plant a church there and move to a new place needing Jesus. Because of the miraculous working of Jesus in her life, Annette has now been able to bring hope and love to those who are hurting.

Want to listen to the book Annette Recommended – The Wounded Heart – on the go? Download for free by trying out Audible.com (and help support the show)!

What we talked about

[00:42] – Introduction
[03:30] – How do you and your husband work together?
[04:38] – Living as a survivor
[05:16] – Seasons of difficulty
[06:14] – Replacing small gods with the True God
[10:20] – Partnering with God
[11:08] – How God gives strength to forgive
[12:41] – Moving in the direction of healing
[13:54] – Engaging Missions Leadership Moment
[17:28] – Sharing Christ’s love with skaters
[18:45] – How did you choose skate parks?
[20:36] – What is church planting like in your ministry?
[21:54] – What excites you about your ministry?
[22:13] – Discovering the simplicity of ministry
[23:00] – Evangelism and soul care
[24:17] – Balancing different aspects of ministry
[25:43] – Getting local churches involved
[26:46] – If you could change the past, what would it be?
[27:52] – Challenges in ministry
[30:02] – Resources on spiritual warfare
[31:57] – What is soul care?
[33:18] – Marketplace matters
[37:04] – Learning how to protect children
[38:35] – Internet and book resources
[39:44] – Parting advice and contact info (ann1@aol.com)

Resources & Contact Info

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