This week’s episode of Engaging Missions is one you won’t want to miss! Our guest, Andrea (pen name for security reasons), discusses the power of telling the stories of Scripture in reaching people for Christ. She and Bryan talk about the Fall of Man in Genesis 3, the steadfast love of God, and the impact storytelling has on people.

Andrea currently leads a ministry that implements discussion-based ministry and Bible study to deepen people’s faith. She has seen amazing things that God has done through this ministry, and hearing her stories (both of Scripture and the ministry) are truly encouraging.

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What we talked about

00:33 – Episode summary
02:54 – Introduction
04:21 – Why storytelling is so effective
05:42 – What is your favorite Bible story and why?
11:26 – Seasons of difficulty
12:59 – How has God worked in the hard season?
13:51 – Beneficial personal habits
15:00 – Engaging Missions Leadership Moment
18:35 – The specifics of ministry
20:51 – What is inductive Bible study?
22:32 – Laying a framework for inductive Bible study
28:02 – What is your passion?
29:40 – What inspired the phrase “heart-pocket”?
30:37 – What kinds of changes do you see in the future?
32:23 – Do you have your stories through podcast?
35:19 – The unique methods of the ministry
39:07 – The great Harvest and the few laborers
42:15 – The value of the Old and New Testament
44:55 – Resources

Resources & Contact Info

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