EM133 Bryan Entzminger Face Quote 300This week on Engaging Missions, tables are turned as our host, Bryan Entzminger sits in the hot seat. His first guest ever on the show, Alan Smith, acts as the interviewer and goes through twenty different questions. The questions range from favorite color to his vision for Engaging Missions.

As these two discuss a variety of topics, Bryan shares about his life, interests, family, and dreams. The podcast includes many points of laughter and reflection, and we also get to know about the man who runs it all! You won’t want to miss this week’s episode.

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What we talked about

00:35 – Episode summary
01:17 – Introduction
02:51 – Where were you born and raised?
03:27 – What was your favorite toy as a child?
04:19 – The value of the holidays
06:24 – What was your favorite birthday and why?
07:35 – Did you have any pets growing up and what were their names?
08:14 – What was your favorite subject in school?
09:15 – Who was your favorite teacher and why?
09:47 – When did you develop interest in music and what instrument did you play?
11:16 – Who have been some of your favorite musical artists?
14:04 – What is your favorite color?
15:01 – Foundational Missions Leadership Moment
19:07 – If you were forced to watch any sport, which would you choose?
21:57 – What was the last sporting event you saw in person?
22:51 – If you could have one cheat food, what would it be?
24:29 – If you could go anywhere with your family, where would it be?
25:38 – What book are you reading right now, and what is the last book you read?
28:25 – What piece of advice would you tell your 18-year-old self today?
31:45 – What are some of your favorite memories with your children?
36:52 – Where would you like to do a short-term missions trip?
40:52 – What is your favorite movie?
44:02 – Where would you like to see Engaging Missions in five years?

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