How to Create a World Changing Legacy of Love

Episode 148 - Sean and Maayan Steckbeck

On this week’s episode of Engaging Missions, Sean Steckbeck and his daughter, Maayan, visit to tell of their recent adventures and of what God is doing. As a part of the current series on including kids in ministry, the two discuss ways for kids to serve in the Kingdom of God. They also share stories of how God has used children to bring miracles and healings to the nations (which is so exciting!).

Recently, Sean and Maayan had the opportunity to visit Myanmar and minister to the people there. They brought back some amazing stories about how God is moving there and how people are inspired by kids who are pursuing the Lord. From the testimonies throughout the episode, it is easy to tell that a great legacy is being laid in this family!

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What we talked about

  • 00:32 – Episode summary
  • 01:51 – Introduction
  • 05:41 – Letting kids experience the presence of God

[spp-clammr text=”Our goal is to to train our kids in the ways of the Lord and give them an experience with the Lord. #missions” start=”06:52″ end=”07:14″]

  • 07:32 – Overcoming roadblocks
  • 09:06 – Having concerns as a parent

[spp-clammr text=”I want my kids to see a life of faith. I want my kids to not be ruled by fear. #missions” start=”09:28″ end=”9:52″]

  • 09:54 – Dreams of the future
  • 11:22 – Understanding family rhythms
  • 12:54 – Resources for kids
  • 15:57 – Seeing ministry as a gift
  • 17:15 – How God is moving in Myanmar
  • 20:02 – The impact lives on
  • 21:54 – How children bring encouragement in ministry
  • 26:43 – What impact has this trip made in you?
  • 28:05 – The first step in involving kids in the Kingdom
  • [spp-timestamp time=”29:24″] – Contact info and parting advice (Sean on Facebook)

Sean and Maayan Steckbeck

Sean and Maayan Steckbeck

Children in Ministry

More about Children in Ministry

This is part of a special miniseries on involving children in ministry. Check out the links below for more information about resources, ministries, and how some families are able to involve children of all ages in hands-on ministry.

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