How to Be Intentional in the Simple Parts of Life

Episode 150 - Reed Mitchell

Reed Mitchell joins us to discuss the importance of hospitality, intentionality, and living life for Christ. He is currently involved with a ministry focused on teaching those with special needs how to be more independent. He also loves using his gift of event planning to serve the Kingdom of God, whether that be for fundraising for other ministries or for sharing the Gospel with neighbors.

Throughout the episode, Reed shares about the importance of the ordinary, everyday life. To be a part of God’s actions is greater than any good thing we can do on our own, no matter how great or impactful our ideas seem. So, next time you wonder if your simple actions of obedience have any value in the Kingdom, know that God is at work in them, no matter how small!

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What we talked about

  • 00:33 – Episode summary
  • 01:24 – Introduction
  • 02:02 – Sharing about everyday life
  • 03:35 – The value of hospitality towards others
  • 05:19 – Meaningful verse

[spp-clammr text=”“If Your presence will not go with me, do not bring us up from here. Or how shall it be known that I found favor in Your sight, I and Your people? Is it not in Your going with us so that we are distinct, I and Your people from every other people on the face of the Earth?” – Exodus -16 06:21″ start=”05:58″ end=”6:22″]

  • 09:35 – Surrendering “good things” to God

[spp-clammr text=”“I would rather do one thing that God was up to and I just jumped on board with Him, and it was His will, then do a thousand good things that I came up with that weren’t a part of His plan at all.”” start=”07:10″ end=”07:26″]

  • 12:19 – How great is the Word of God!
  • 16:23 – Teasers and places to support
  • 18:21 – Making relationships intentional
  • 22:51 – What prompted you to go to a missions school?
  • 31:07 – The greatest takeaway from school
  • 34:30 – Next week’s episode
  • 35:44 – Marketplace matters
  • 44:39 – Parting advice and contact info

Reed Mitchell

Reed Mitchell

Recent Missionary Training Graduate


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