How to See Mentoring as a Meaningful Relationship

Episode 151 - Chris Tress

If you want to pour transform your community, pour into children, and see God move powerfully in the generations coming up behind you, you won't want to miss this deep discussion on mentoring with Chris Tres. He's an inner-city pastor with a strong passion for the fatherless and orphaned kids in his own backyard. Today, he joins us to share about the importance of mentoring in ministry.

Today, he joins us to share about the importance of mentoring in ministry. Using thought-provoking statistics and personal stories, he clearly paints a picture of how mentoring reflects the heart of God. As he points out, mentoring is powerful. It can be life-changing for a broken child and in an impoverished community.

Chris Tress

Chris Tress

Pastor, Mentor

What we talked about

  • 00:35 – Episode summary
  • 01:03 – Introduction
  • 01:50 – Drawing out the deep waters within

[spp-clammr text=”It is so important for the Church of Jesus Christ to rally around fatherless children.” start=”06:34″ end=”06:55″]

  • 03:10 – The importance of investing in relationships
  • 05:41 – A biblical understanding of the orphan
  • 07:38 – The need for the love of a father
  • 10:31 – Is there a difference between discipleship and mentoring?
  • 13:44 – How to walk alongside others
  • 17:06 – Reaching out to those without fathers
  • 19:21 – Podcasts, previous episodes, and teasers
  • 21:45 – The accomplishments of mentoring
  • 25:03 – Stories of transformation
  • 29:38 – What sustains you in times of difficulty?

[spp-clammr text=”In essence, when we focus on what’s right before us, and we’re just obedient to where the Lord is leading us, the outcomes are up to Him.” start=”33:58″ end=”34:15″]

  • 35:26 – How can we best pray for and support you?
  • 38:34 – Next week’s episode
  • 40:08 – Discovering who your neighbor is
  • 47:24 – Resources for mentoring
  • 49:02 – The important things in life

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