How to See God's Glory and Gain a New Perspective

Episode 154 - Carol Garborg and Tony Hedrick

What if something most of us do – and you might be planning – could change your life, inform your perspective, and fund global missions?

Carol Garborg and Tony Hedrick join us to talk about Niteo Tours, an organization that leads vacations in order to display the glory of God in other cultures. Both share about how these trips support local believers along the tour as well as how they open our eyes to the beauty of other cultures and peoples.

Tony draws us in by energetically describing the streets of Italy, from the loud, crowded restaurants to the small, inviting churches. Carol also paints a picture of her adventures in other cultures and discusses certain lessons she learned about the people there.

As they each describe the intricacies of each culture, we begin to see the radiance of God shine through in a unique way – He is far greater than our individual understandings and experiences. It is through the eyes of different cultures and people that we can better understand the Creator of them all.

Note: Niteo Tours is offering a special discount if you register for the Vision for Italy tour by September 30, 2016, and let them know you heard about it on the Engaging Missions Show. Listen to the full episode for more details.

What we talked about

  • 00:27 – Episode summary
  • 01:44 – Introduction
  • 02:32 – The importance of Niteo Tours

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  • 04:19 – How Niteo Tours started
  • 05:44 – Realizing the beauty of a culture
  • 07:36 – Locations and types of tours for Niteo
  • 16:04 – Who is this trip for?
  • 24:50 – Becoming knit at the heart
  • 27:14 – How much do the trips cost?
  • 30:55 – Using vacations for the Kingdom
  • 33:34 – Contact info
  • 34:06 – Can families with small children participate?
  • 34:42 – Desiring to see God’s accomplishments
  • 36:18 – Parting advice

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Carol Garborg & Tony Hedrick

Carol Garborg & Tony Hedrick

Niteo Tours

Resources & Contact Info

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