How to See God in the Land of the Living

Episode 159 - Bryan Entzminger

Equipping missionaries, encouraging believers, and expressing God’s glory on earth are only a few of the reasons Engaging Missions exists. In this week’s episode, Bryan Entzminger, our own interviewer, sits on the other side of the table to share about the purpose behind the podcast. Scott McClelland takes the role of the interviewer to ask Bryan about his passions and desires for the show.

Speaking with conviction and fervor, he spends time discussing his inspirations, God’s work in the show, and the importance of the marketplace. Through the interview, we are better able to understand Bryan’s heart for not only the show, but also the missionaries and listeners.

What we talked about

  • 00:25 – Introduction
  • 01:04 – The impact of Engaging Missions
  • 03:25 – What inspired you to create this podcast?
  • 07:22 – Taking a leap of faith
  • 09:09 – The transformation of a vision
I think that I never would have anticipated that level of compassion, that level of connection. Click To Tweet
  • 11:46 – What has surprised you throughout the show?
  • 13:54 – Forming connections throughout the world
  • 16:09 – Contributing to the Kingdom
  • 19:18 – Avoiding theme parks and one night stands
  • 23:24 – Doing Ministry Well
  • 23:42 – What inspires you personally?
  • 27:37 – Connection to music
  • 28:40 – What discourages you?
  • 32:30 – Hopes for the future
  • 36:05 – Running the race with endurance (literally)
  • 38:05 – The value of those in the marketplace
  • 44:56 – Closing statements


Bryan Entzminger

Bryan Entzminger

Host, Founder: Engaging Missions

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