Happy Thanksgiving Day: Powerful Stories from 4 Missionaries

Episode 166

Happy Thanksgiving!

Honoring Thanksgiving is a great way to remember all the amazing things God has done for us. It's often a time for family, travel, friends, and a celebration of provision. But what about missionaries?

What is Thanksgiving like for a missionary? What are missionaries thankful for?

We have four missionaries who are sharing their experiences, memories, and the things they're thankful for. One who is from Ireland, one who spent some time in Mongolia, one who leads trips to Europe, and one who leads a missions organization focused on cross-cultural initiatives.

And a surprise.

Listen to be encouraged, challenged, and inspired!

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00:23 – Welcome to the Engaging Missions Show

02:40 – Tony Hedrick

Tony Hedrick is an artist, missionary, and master storyteller. His thankfulness places us at a dining table, talking about the things we're most thankful for. Listen to discover what he's thankful for and consider your answer as well.

06:57 – Bryan Thompson

Bryan Thompson is a podcaster and missionary from Ireland. He publishes the Story4All podcast and he's the director of the God Story Project and Simply the Story in Europe. His first experience with thanksgiving probably could have gone better but he had a much better experience in 1982.

11:43 – Brian Hogan

Brian Hogan was a missionary to Mongolia for a couple of years and now travels and teaches. He's also the author of There's a Sheep in My Bathtub and more. When we connected, he shared how he's thankful for where God's placed them and how He's brought key relationships into their lives.

Want to listen to There's a Sheep In My Bathtub on the go? Download for free by trying out Audible.com (and help support the show)!

15:14 – Ann Hinrichs

Ann Hinrichs is the USA director of Adventive Cross Cultural Initiatives (ACCI). One of the things I so appreciate about her is her heart for unity and to minister to the missionaries in ACCI. She reminds us that we have SO much to be thankful for.

17:04 – Bryan Entzminger

As the host, I took a minute to share some of my Thanksgiving memories from the season before I met and married my wife and how God was amazingly generous to me. And just a few of the things I'm thankful for now.

20:45 – Thanks to our guests and to you

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