How to Bring Hope: A Band of College Campus Missionaries

Episode 169 - Mike Puckett

Transforming an entire ministry can take a lot of work, and our guest, Mike Puckett (or “Puck” for short) experienced this first hand. As a ministry leader on a college campus, he realized the need to change the organization from a typical ministry to a “band of missionaries.” The focus shifted from having services for Christian students to sharing the Gospel with those who don’t know Christ.

Through the difficult changes and adjustments, Puck has seen God work in many ways. Not only has this transition impacted the students on campus, but also Puck himself. In the interview, he shares about his spiritual growth through this process. Because of his and the students’ obedience, more people have had the opportunity to hear about the goodness of God and His Gospel of hope.

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What we talked about

  • 00:24 – Episode information and prayer requests
  • 02:22 – Introduction
  • 02:56 – Praying for laborers in the harvest
  • 03:57 – What is No Place Left?
  • 06:14 – Relying on the Kingdom principles
We’re successful when we’re obedient, not when we have some sort of wild response Click To Tweet
  • 08:16 – Walking through a time of difficulty
  • 11:54 – Coming to see obedience as an adventure

[spp-clammr text=”When I finally said, ‘I’m tired of playing scared; I want to get in the game and get serious. I want to obey Jesus and see what He’s going to do.’ That’s when it really got fun!” start=”13:54″ end=”14:13″]

  • 14:13 – Doing Ministry Well
  • 14:56 – Becoming a band of missionaries
  • 19:14 – Breaking the system like a bull in a china shop
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  • 25:47 – Ignoring the numbers and seeing the hearts
  • 32:39 – Foundational Missions Leadership Moment ad
  • 32:57 – Marketplace matters
Do not underestimate your strategic position as someone right in the ranks with other people who are far from God. Click To Tweet
  • 35:09 – Surrounded by the nations
You can be a cross-cultural missionary just by crossing a cul de sac or just by crossing the street! Click To Tweet
  • 37:10 – Internet and book resources
  • [spp-timestamp time=”38:53″] – Parting advice and contact info (
Mike Puckett

Mike Puckett

Campus Minister, Missionary

you can be a cross-cultural missionary just by crossing a cul de sac or just by crossing the street

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