How to Form Right Relationship Between All Things

Episode 174a - Lisa Sharon Harper

In a season of tension, conflict, and division, Lisa Sharon Harper comes to remind us of the Very Good News of Jesus. Not only has God come to save us from sin or hell, but He has come to restore the very relationships around us. Through Christ, we are reconciled to God, to others, and to creation, which brings a peace that passes understanding, the shalom of God.

In her book to believers, Lisa encourages us to see the Image of God in others, to hear others’ stories, and to bring reconciliation to this broken world. With every answer and story, she brings fresh perspective on the Gospel and fills her words with passion and love for God.

What we talked about

  • 00:24 – Episode summary
  • 01:21 – Introduction
  • 01:57 – The fight for reconciliation and shalom

As a Christian, as a Jesus follower, I am jealous for the Image of God. I want the Image of God to flourish on Earth. I don’t want it to be crushed or diminished.

For those who say that we follow Him, it’s imperative, then, that we do everything we can to defend and protect those whom Jesus called ‘the least of these’ during this administration

  • 06:46 – Ways to defend the least of these
  • 10:48 – How to walk towards love
We have infinite capacity to love, because God is infinite and God is love. #missions #reconciliation Click To Tweet
  • 18:00 – The right relationship between all things
But for the Hebrews, they understood goodness to exist between things. #missions #reconciliation Click To Tweet
  • 33:07 – Let there be light!
  • 39:14 – How can we best pray for you?
  • 40:58 – A challenge for the coming days
  • 43:22 – Closing statements

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Lisa Sharon Harper

Lisa Sharon Harper

Chief Church Engagement Officer

we have infinite capacity to love because god is infinite and god is love

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