Why Free Healthcare Isn't Always the Best Option in Missions

Episode 175 - TJ McCloud

From musician to missionary to regional director of a medical organization, our guest today, TJ McCloud, has continually worked to serve the Lord in every area of his life. Currently, he is employed with OneWorld Health as a Regional Director for Central America. He and a team of local Nicaraguan doctors serve the community by creating clinics and providing sustainable health care for the people there.

During the interview, TJ discusses the importance of sustainability in missions, finances, and other areas of life. He takes some time to point out how we as believers should work to further the coming of God’s Kingdom on Earth by serving those around us.

What we talked about

  • 00:24 – Episode summary
  • 01:32 – Introduction
  • 02:07 – A new clinic in Nicaragua
  • 03:01 – What do you do with One World Health?
  • 04:43 – From musician to missionary to medic
  • 07:19 – Stepping out in faith
  • 09:31 – How to approach difficult decisions
  • 11:06 – The in-breaking of God’s Kingdom
  • 12:56 – What has God been showing you recently?

God is everywhere. We don’t bring God to any place. He obviously was already there working in their people’s lives and now we get to come alongside that and participate in that.

  • 14:42 – Foundational Missions Leadership Moment
  • 15:34 – The value of sustainability
  • 17:05 – Understanding the local culture
  • 18:37 – Ways to be a good partner
  • 20:07 – Financial sustainability

If we continue to give them away for free, we continue to then tell people that they really don’t have much value, or they’re not to be take as seriously as maybe they otherwise might be taken.

  • 23:25 – Is there anything you would change?
  • 24:51 – Engaging Missions trivia
  • 26:07 – Marketplace matters
  • 28:57 – Learning to not miss the opportunities
  • 31:05 – Internet and book resources
  • 31:57 – Ways to best support One World Health
  • 33:27 – Knowing what to pray for
  • 33:56 – A challenge for the coming week
  • 35:51 – Stories from Mongolia
  • 38:30 – Sponsor a family missionary
TJ McCloud

TJ McCloud

Regional Director, One World Health

god is everywhere

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