How to Be Generous: Supporting Others Sacrificially

Episode 183 - Gret Glyer of DonorSee

This week, Gret Glyer returns to the show to share about DonorSee and how it works. It is an app he created to help the fund-raisers and donors stay connected. By sharing videos and information of where the money is going, missionaries encourage donors to keep supporting their ministry.

Over the last few months, Gret and his team have been able to share their story through different outlets, everywhere from Huffington Post to this show. As more people have started using the app, stories of support and financial opportunity have spread throughout the world.

(Note: There were some technical issues with my audio on a couple of questions but Gret's answers were great, so I didn't want to cut them out just because I didn't sound amazing.)

What we talked about

  • 00:24 – Episode summary
  • 02:10 – Introduction
  • 02:39 – What makes DonorSee different?
  • 03:35 – Training others how to use DonorSee
  • 04:36 – How has your launch been going?
  • 06:34 – The process of making DonorSee better
  • 07:57 – Surprising ways people have used the app
  • 10:05 – How is DonorSee funded?
  • 11:29 – New focus of attention
  • 12:16 – Current challenges
  • 13:39 – Finding opportunities in disguise

Whenever there’s something whereI have plans and it just gets halted right in my face and I just think, ‘Oh, this is it,’ it actually very well could be an opportunity, a very big opportunity in disguise.

  • 15:45 – How can we partner with you?
  • 16:44 – Planning to fix the gaps
  • 18:15 – Expanding generosity
  • 18:34 – Understanding the platform better
  • 20:11 – A challenge for the coming days
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Gret Glyer

Gret Glyer

Founder: DonorSee

give in a way that requires sacrifice

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