How to Make Discipleship Training Easily Accessible in the World

Episode 192 - Curtis Sergeant, Zumé Project
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Joining us again on the show, Curtis Sergeant shares about a new project called Zumé. The purpose of this program is to train groups of believers in how to make disciples. Through video, discussion questions, and activities, groups are able to learn more about following the Great Commission.

This project is great for any believer. It helps people realize their own ability to share the Gospel with others. The goal of Zumé is to make training more accessible throughout the world so that more people can get involved in spreading the Good News.

What we talked about

  • 00:24 – Episode summary
  • 01:15 – Introduction
  • 02:04 – What is the Zumé Project about?
  • 03:16 – Shattering boundaries and bringing access
  • 04:27 – Provisions from Zumé
  • 05:30 – From the vision to reality
  • 07:56 – Connecting with the current condition in the US
  • 09:56 – Coming alongside the vision
  • 12:06 – What are you believing God for?
I believe that, biblically, God wants us equipped to multiply disciples. @zumeproject Click To Tweet
  • 14:12 – Foundational Missions Leadership Moment
  • 15:01 – A desire for transformation
  • 16:01 – How is Zumé structured?
  • 17:41 – The process of training
  • 18:49 – What do the sessions include?
  • 20:27 – How have people responded to this project?
  • 21:22 – Feedback on Zumé

If they, ordinary followers of Christ, become transformed from being merely consumers to also being producers, that’s a very big win, in my mind.

  • 24:09 – Ways to help through the process
  • 25:56 – Building relationships within groups
  • 28:20 – Something you wish you would have known
  • 29:15 – Next week on Engaging Missions
  • 30:41 – Who is this project for?
  • 31:53 – Could this be used in a Sunday school class?
  • 33:10 – Indicators for confirming the call to discipleship
  • 34:51 – Finding more information
  • 35:45 – The next steps
  • 36:33 – How can we best pray for you?
  • 38:32 – Ways to serve and be involved
  • 39:38 – Overview and final thoughts

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Curtis Sergeant

Curtis Sergeant

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