God is Faithful: How to Trust Jesus for Great Things

Episode 197 - Kyle Philippi

Serving in the Kingdom of God can come in many shapes and sizes. Our guest today, Kyle Philippi, works to create documentaries for missionaries across the world. He and his team at Far Flung Tin Can strive to share these missionaries’ stories with others. Through his films, he has been able to see people take action and pour into the missionaries.

As Kyle shares about his experiences, he discusses some of the lessons he has learned over the last seven years. From packing to researching, a lot goes into preparing for a trip, and he gives great pointers on the process. More than anything else, Kyle reminds us that God is faithful, and if He is calling you, He will work it out.

What we talked about

  • 00:24 – Episode summary
  • 01:55 – Introduction
  • 02:35 – The positive impact of short term missions
  • 03:46 – Transformation of the heart
  • 04:19 – Ways to improve short term missions
Once I got outside of the U.S., I realized, ‘Oh! I only know American Jesus! #missions @Farflungtincan Click To Tweet
  • 06:24 – Key ways to prepare for trips
  • 07:50 – Dealing with the heartbreak
  • 08:44 – What have you seen God do?
  • 11:32 – Connecting missionaries and their supporters
I have always believed that people invest in people’s character, not just the project. #missions @Farflungtincan Click To Tweet
  • 14:53 – What has God been teaching me?
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  • 16:54 – Hearing from FX Missions
  • 17:58 – Booking travel with filming equipment
  • 20:56 – Finding ways for discounts
  • 22:35 – Things to consider before a trip
  • 25:08 – What NOT to take on trips
  • 27:00 – Being ready for cultural differences
  • 28:58 – Walking with integrity
  • 29:53 – Next week on Engaging Missions
  • 31:38 – A question to ask before a trip
  • 33:24 – Learning to fight the fear
  • 34:42 – Ways to connect
  • 36:23 – How can people donate?
  • 37:07 – Internet and book resources
  • 38:25 – How can we pray for you?
  • 40:17 – Closing comments

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Kyle Philippi

Kyle Philippi

Founder / Director: Far Flung Tin Can

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