The Simple Glory of Following Jesus One Step at a Time

Episode 202 - Nellie Ramirez

Wondering what you should do with your life or whether God would have you involved in short-term missions? Unclear about how to move forward?

As Nellie Ramirez shares, sometimes God doesn't give us the entire plan. Sometimes, He gives us only a single word and then walks with us as we discover what He's doing.

Listen as she shares how she and her team are able to use this simple principle. She shares how her team is able to minister to people both at home and abroad, how God used a nearly empty tank of Gas to start a church, and much more.

What we talked about

  • [00:23] – Show Introduction
  • [00:43] – Welcome Facebook new friends
  • [01:28] – Welcome Nellie Ramirez
  • [02:13] – What has your attention right now?
We try to do missions here at home when we're not going out someplace else. Click To Tweet
  • [03:38] – Can you share more about pouring into young people?
  • [04:43] – Nellie has an amazing team who are equipped to help wherever they are.
  • [06:01] – How can this kind of missions work have a positive impact on peoples' lives?
  • [08:07] – What does your preparation look like?
No matter what we do, we go in with a servant's heart. #missions Click To Tweet
  • [10:42] – What has God been teaching you over the past few months?

I tend to want to sit before the Lord and just listen to what He's saying.

  • [14:29] – How do you order your time for structure and flexibility?
  • [17:00] – Check out Sun Stand Still on
  • [18:20] – What led you to this ministry?
  • [23:42] – How God used a fuel shortage to save some people.
  • [28:31] – How does God typically lead you?
  • [30:46] – When you go to a foreign country, how do you know you're going to have a positive impact?
  • [36:27] – Here's what's coming next week.
  • [37:35] – What would you share with someone if they are starting to question what God is doing through them?
The plan that God has for each person is individual. #missions Click To Tweet
  • [39:10] – What Nellie does if she's lacking direction.
  • [39:42] – Are there other ministry opportunities right in front of our faces that we just don't see?
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Nellie Ramirez

Nellie Ramirez

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