Learning about the Life of Jesus on Earth

Episode 208 - Scott Stripling

Scott Stripling joins us to discuss archaeology and how it helps us learn about our faith. He and his team are now working in Israel (specifically Shiloh) around where the tabernacle would have been during the Old Testament. Through Scott’s digs and research, he has come to know even more about Jesus and His life.

During the episode, he shares about past discoveries, his books, and the importance of knowing the Word. If archaeology, history, ministry, or Scripture interests you at all, come listen and dig into the redemptive story of God!

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What we talked about

  • [00:24] – Episode summary
  • [02:16] – Introduction
  • [03:40] – A trajectory towards ministry
  • [05:36] – How has the jigsaw puzzle fit together?
  • [06:28] – How has God brought healing in your life?
  • [07:48] – The process of becoming more like Christ
  • [09:36] – Important Scriptures

“The Lord continued to reveal Himself at Shiloh and to make Himself known to Samuel there through His word.” – 1 Samuel 3

  • [10:32] – How do you remain engaged and active?
  • [11:45] – Opening doors for archeology in ministry
  • [13:04] – Facing the critics
  • [14:47] – Bridging the gap across cultures
  • [18:05] – Discoveries of the early Church
  • [20:17] – What has been the most surprising discovery?
  • [24:26] – The final month of Jesus’ life
  • [25:47] – Understanding the stories of Jesus
  • [28:13] – Peeling back the layers of history
  • [30:12] – Drawing closer to God and to each other
  • [32:06] – What questions need to be answered?
  • [32:58] – Marketplace matters
  • [34:25] – What is your book about?
  • [35:50] – Defining “synchronism”

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Scott Stripling

Scott Stripling

Biblical Archaeologist, Educator

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