12 New Churches in the World in 15 Years

Episode 211 - Ernie Peacock

In the world today, the amount of people open to Jesus seems to be growing very quickly. This should make us open our eyes to what God is doing in the world. Ernie Peacock comes onto the show to talk about this growing harvest. Over the last 30 years, God has called him to minister throughout the world.

In his ministry, he has primarily planted churches and has been in Madrid, Spain for some time now. Recently, though, God has called him to move to Guadalajara, Mexico. His vision is to see all levels of society reached with the Gospel so that they can impact their communities.

What we talked about

  • 00:24 – Episode summary
  • 01:41 – Introduction
  • 02:01 – How were you called into ministry?
  • 06:13 – Responding to the call
  • 07:13 – The excitement of following Christ
  • 09:02 – Preparation for ministry
  • 10:45 – The value of developing discipline

The Lord only needs a vessel, and He only needs us to surrender ourselves to Him in order for Him to glorify Himself through us.

  • 11:48 – What has surprised you the most over the years?
  • 13:28 – Making the Gospel relevant across the world
  • 15:34 – Cultural shifts in presenting the Gospel
  • 18:55 – What has God been showing you?
We can’t wait four years; we can’t wait four months. There are people that are perishing now who need to hear the Gospel. @erniepeacock Click To Tweet
  • 21:45 – A challenge to look at the harvest
  • 23:02 – A time of transition
  • 23:54 – Forming an international church in Mexico
  • 26:42 – What are the dreams you have for this church?
  • 28:55 – The process of building a team
  • 30:45 – Needed character traits for missions
  • 32:27 – What do you look for in a team?
  • 35:05 – The next step
Provision always follows the mission. #missions #churchplanting @erniepeacock Click To Tweet
  • 35:40 – How can we pray for you?
  • 38:07 – Closing remarks
  • 39:03 – Reviews and recommendations

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Ernie Peacock

Ernie Peacock

Missionary, Church Planter

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