Does Missionary Fundraising Have to be Hard?

Episode 213 - Karl Meisterheim SupportGoalThe Fundraisers Forum

Today, Karl Meisterheim joins us to put the “fun” back in fundraising. He created a program called “Support Goal,” which helps missionaries keep up with fundraising. This program is great at keeping information organized and encouraging missionaries to stay connected.

During the podcast, Karl talks about why he started the program. He also explains how SupportGoal works and who it works best for. His greatest goal is to see missionaries get the support they need to keep doing what God has called them to do. With this program, less time has to be spent organizing. This gives missionaries more time to minister and connect with supporters.

What we talked about

  • 00:24 – Episode summary
  • 02:38 – Introduction
  • 03:05 – What do you do in ministry?
  • 04:12 – The positive impact of organized fundraising
  • 05:21 – Ways to fully approach fundraising
  • 06:54 – Experiencing a deeper realization
  • 07:35 – What led you to create SupportGoal?
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  • 09:01 – Finding a way to serve missionaries
  • 10:06 – How does lack of support affect missionaries?
  • 11:14 – The benefits of direct feedback
  • 12:51 – What is SupportGoal?
  • 13:51 – How to navigate SupportGoal
  • 15:21 – What kinds of ministries would benefit from SupportGoal?
  • 17:09 – Learning to not be everything
  • 18:21 – How SupportGoal connects with other programs
  • 19:05 – Can the program help with finances?
  • 20:21 – Ways to approach confrontational conversations
  • 22:14 – How much work goes into maintaining the system?
  • 25:16 – Saving time for missionaries

If I can make it so that you do almost no passive hours… but that you’re spending the majority of your time on active ministry and active fundraising, that’s what I want to do.

  • 26:26 – Having a flexible schedule
  • 27:19 – Balance between work and life
  • 28:32 – Resources for fundraising
  • 30:30 – Who are key connections?
  • 31:49 – Ways to connect
  • 32:42 – Who is SupportGoal best for?
  • 33:12 – How can we best pray for you?
  • 34:11 – Recommendations and requests

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Karl Meisterheim

Karl Meisterheim

Consultant, Founder: SupportGoal

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