How to Get the Most From Special Events

Episode 218
Whether you’re out and about or attending a missions event, it’s easy to miss opportunities. But the great new is that it’s not hard to take advantage of them if you do a few simple things.

Here’s what helped me make the most of a recent podcasting event. Even though I was the only faith-based podcaster there, I was able to make some great connections, find potential guests and listeners, and was encouraged because of what happened.

And not only did it encourage me and lead to new connections, I was able to pick up some ideas that I hope to use to improve THIS show.

Listen to discover what worked for me (and a couple of things I got wrong).

Here's what I talked about

Before the Event

  • 05:33 – Know why you're planning to go
    • What are you hoping to do or accomplish? What's your end goal?
    • New relationships?
    • Deeper relationships?
    • New partnerships?
    • Information?
    • Encouragement?
  • 06:52 – Build a rough plan
    Once you know what you're hoping to accomplish, you can start building a rough plan? It's not a play-by-play outline, but just some ideas of what kinds of things might lead to the outcomes you're hoping for.
  • 08:15 – Figure out what you need
    • Will you need any special equipment or materials?
    • Maybe business or prayer cards?
    • Batteries?
    • Sunglasses?
    • Something else?

During the Event

  • 09:30 – Work your plan
    If you don't follow through on your plan, you may as well have not made one, so make sure that you follow through? That doesn't mean you can't be flexible, but always remember that you're there on purpose.
  • 10:11 – Be memorable and engaging
    You don't have to be the life of the party but it's important to engage with people. To share your heart and passions. And to take the time to listen to people.
  • 12:39 – Look for unexpected ideas, experiences, and opportunities
  • 17:40 – Have ways to remember stuff

After the Event

  • 18:39 – Debrief
    • Plan time to debrief.
    • Plan to review your notes and capture anything that you want to consider further or plan to put into action.
    • Consider any follow-up with other people.
    • Summarize your experience.
  • 19:53 – Build a plan
  • 20:47 – Work the plan


  • 21:24 – Just being out and attending isn't necessarily enough
  • 21:32 – What are you going to do differently the next time you're out and about or headed to an event?
  • 22:13 – Audio Book Recommendation (Radical by David Platt)

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