Where in the World Are Your Neighbors? Love Them.

Episode 224 - Beth Watkins

Sometimes, plans don’t go exactly the way you think they will. In those times of transition, you have to learn how to trust God through it. That’s exactly what our guest, Beth Anne Watkins, talks about on the podcast. Over the last few years, she has served in Egypt, Sudan, and other countries.

During her time overseas, Beth faced a lot of difficulty, and she has learned more about God’s faithfulness through it. You can hear the joy and love of Christ in her voice, and her greatest desire is to love Him and love others deeply.

What we talked about

  • 00:31 – Episode summary
  • 01:30 – Introduction
  • 01:57 – Kicked out of the country
  • 04:27 – The normal life for international Christians
  • 06:15 – How to pray for Christians across the world
  • 07:26 – The presence of God in difficulty
In the times, in the moments, God was faithful. God saw me through. @iambethwatkins Click To Tweet
  • 10:05 – Growing through struggle
  • 11:41 – How did God call you into missions?
  • 13:22 – Moments of significance
  • 14:28 – What were your initial goals of ministry?
  • 15:23 – Time in Sudan and Egypt
  • 17:08 – The struggle of evacuating Sudan
  • 19:22 – Loving the vulnerable
  • 20:10 – What does your husband do?
  • 20:57 – A return to the US
  • 22:56 – There is always a dream
God doesn’t let a dream die without giving us something else to hope and live for and be excited about. @iambethwatkins Click To Tweet
  • 23:53 – Continue walking in the calling
  • 25:00 – Understanding sense of self
  • 26:24 – How is the transition for your husband?
  • 27:40 – The marketplace matters

God calls us to love our neighbors and to love our enemies. So whether you’re doing the specific work you feel called to yet or not, where are the neighbors around you to love? Where are the neighbors you forgot to look for around you? Where are your enemies?”

  • 29:50 – Internet and book resources
  • 31:17 – How can we best pray for you?
  • 32:10 – Closing comments and podcast recommendations

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Beth Watkins

Beth Watkins

Missionary, Recently Retired

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