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Cory Rasco was living the life he wanted. He was the head chef at a restaurant and was loving life. Sure, there were some things about his background that he would have preferred would have been different.But then he met God and discovered that there was so much more. Healing, calling, purpose, and love. He walked away from that job and didn’t cook professionally for about 2 years and felt called to go to India.But then God redirected him again. Now he’s engaged and is a bivocational church planter and chef. He’s started a church in his apartment with people he wouldn’t have chosen. But God is doing AMAZING things and Cory is absolutely loving what he’s seen God do.

What we talked about

  • 00:24 – Episode Intro
  • 00:45 – Welcome Dan, Casey, and Eric
  • 01:58 – Welcome Cory Rasco – Bivocational Church Planter and Chef
  • 02:49 – The one thing that Cory would like to leave us with after our time together
  • 03:36 – What it looks like for Cory to love God and people with his actions
  • 04:52 – The primary thing Cory has learned about taking his experience with God with him Throughout the day.
  • 05:55 – A prayer Cory prays that has really helped him see the Scriptures differently.
  • 06:30 – A similarity between Cory and King David that's also an opportunity to grow.
  • 07:31 – What Cory's learned about being conformed to Christ's image when he sees areas that aren't there yet.
We can know that Scripture is telling us to do something and never do it because we're afraid of what it might cost. Click To Tweet
  • 08:49 – How faith invaded a job interview and and opened up a faith conversation later.
  • 10:58 – How being out of balance but having faith led Cory to leave a good job.
  • 12:25 – The best season (so far) of seeing God be move in discipleship.
  • 14:16 – The challenges of starting a church and walking through life with people where addiction and poverty is common.
And you have to look at all that and say, man, when I look at you I see love and I see what Jesus is doing through you and that's what I'm focusing on.
  • 16:31 – What happened when Cory felt called to India but God had different plans.
  • 20:39 – What Cory thinks life and ministry might look like as he and his fiancé are looking forward to marriage.
  • 23:14 – Cory's process for making decisions when he feels like God's given him the liberty to choose and he's feeling stuck or is unsure of what to do next.
I'm not going to get every decision right but every time I take a leap of faith, I can trust Him to show up and teach me something new.
  • 25:06 – The most surprising thing since Cory's church was planted.
  • 27:15 – How knowing that college students are only around for a few years has shaped Cory's discipleship and interactions with them.
  • 29:56 – Cory speaks to whether church is a safe place for him to be vulnerable as a leader and pastor.
Transparency brings transformation. Click To Tweet
  • 35:18 – What Cory's learned about comparing himself to others.
God's not asking me to be someone else. He's asking me to be me. - Cory Rasco Click To Tweet
  • 36:07 – Does looking at others and wishing we were better mean we have a problem with faith?
  • 36:57 – One of my biggest struggles is just accepting God's love some times.
  • 37:45 – Cory's insights for starting something new when we're afraid or unsure of what to do.
  • 38:45 – Three books Cory recommends
  • 39:54 – Three things we can pray about for Cory.
  • 41:35 – The biggest struggle in Cory's life and how God is overcoming that.
I learned that God not only wanted to use me, He really wanted to grip my heart for Him. - Cory Rasco Click To Tweet
  • 43:56 – Where to find the show notes

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