Sometimes it is important to remember that wealthy nations need Jesus too. Adam Moody tells about his work in Sweden, which is financially rich, but spiritually poor. There are even priests in Sweden who don’t actually believe in God. After working in university ministry, Adam and his family are planning on returning to Sweden to plant churches.

During the show, Adam talks about a really unique idea for raising support for ministries that are underfunded. Here’s a hint: If you like food or other cultures, you won’t want to miss this episode.

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What We Talked About

  • 00:23 – Episode summary
  • 01:25 – Introduction
  • 01:53 – The spiritual reality of Europe
  • 03:37 – The importance of ministry in all nations
Ultimately, spiritual poverty is the greatest poverty that exists. - @WMoody1471 Click To Tweet
  • 06:15 – How do you keep Christ at the center?
  • 07:12 – Challenging the tendency towards complacency
  • 10:35 – What pointed you to the lost?
  • 14:29 – The positive impact of evangelism
  • 17:43 – Financially lean times in ministry
  • 20:07 – What will church planting look like for you?
  • 23:52 – Effective plans for developing leaders
  • 27:03 – What’s going on in Swedish churches?
  • 32:19 – A new idea for fundraising
  • 38:27 – Benefits of the new funding model
There’s also the opportunity to experience a culture where a missionary’s living in a deeper way. @WMoody1471 Click To Tweet
  • 42:17 – Preserving the dignity of Swedish people
  • 44:05 – Internet and book resources
  • 46:29 – How can we best pray for you?
  • 48:30 – Closing thoughts

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