Local churches play a key role in leading people to Jesus. David Kim joins the podcast to remind us of that important job. He has been equipping believers in his church to evangelize in the community. In the Bay area, where David lives, there is a great harvest that churches can minister to.

Going deeper in discipleship can be a difficult process, but David shows why benefits outweigh costs. By surrendering to the Holy Spirit, he has seen his community change through sharing the Gospel. David has been able to partner with God in ministering to those around him and in encouraging the Church to fulfill her call.

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I think we’re all in full-time ministry...every follower of Jesus. - David Kim Click To Tweet

What We Talked About

  • 00:24 – Episode summary
  • 01:30 – Introduction
  • 01:55 – The role of the local church
  • 05:46 – The transformative effects of discipleship
  • 07:16 – How has this stretched you as a leader?
  • 09:56 – Leading a church through transition
  • 13:15 – Finding a value for evangelism
  • 14:36 – The spiritual reality in the US
  • 15:48 – A vision for what ministry would look like
  • 20:51 – The local church as a center for movement
  • 24:20 – What is your prayer for the local church?
  • 29:34 – Growing in camaraderie with God
  • 33:58 – How can we best pray for you?
  • 38:18 – Resources and feedback
We see people’s lives transformed as they come under the glorious, beautiful leadership of Jesus. - David Kim Click To Tweet

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