Sharing the Gospel is more than speaking to people. It’s also about living with Integrity. Steve Schirmer joins the show to talk about having a “presence of legitimacy” in missions work. Steve has worked in Asia and with Asian populations for over ten years. He is currently over a ministry called “Silk Road Catalyst,” which works to bring the Gospel to the unreached in the Silk Road region.

During the show, Steve shares about his journey to faith and ministry. He also speaks about the importance of considering what will best serve a community when planning for ministry. By walking in integrity and wisdom, missionaries can better present the Good News to people who have never heard it.

What We Talked About

  • 00:24 – Episode Summary
  • 01:39 – Introduction
  • 02:13 – The size and reality of the need
  • 04:47 – How do people respond to the statistics?
  • 06:16 – How did you come to faith?
  • 07:41 – A call to vocational ministry

At that point, I knew when the nudge came back, I was ready to say yes. I was more afraid of saying no and being disobedient than to say yes and end up in Africa.

  • 09:58 – Preparation for missions
  • 10:59 – Meeting a man named Wong
  • 15:50 – Processing through sharing the Gospel
  • 18:23 – Monumental moments in ministry
  • 20:31 – An unexpected journey
  • 22:37 – A new name for the 10-40 window
  • 24:02 – What is the presence of legitimacy?
  • 28:20 – Approaching missions in restricted countries
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  • 34:41 – What makes your presence legitimate?

It’s more than just doing business. It’s more than just working, but it’s, ‘What is legitimate for the people? What is reasonable for them? And how do they perceive it?

  • 39:38 – Evaluating what is beneficial for a community
  • 42:25 – Silk Road Catalyst
If we’re not disciple-making, we’re doing nothing. @SteveSilkRoad Click To Tweet
  • 45:23 – How can people get involved?
  • 47:09 – How can we best pray for you?
  • 50:04 – Closing thoughts

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