The Bible has a lot of stories about God seeking the lost. Sometimes, Christians forget to join in the search. Aaron Myers joins to share about how the Church can be involved, specifically with Muslims. He works with Crescent Project and Everywhere to Everywhere to train believers on sharing the Gospel with Muslims.

After working in Turkey for four years, Aaron and his family moved back to the States. He now wants to see the Church equip and encourage Christians to share the Good News with their neighbors. Aaron helps remind us that God has a heart for our Muslim neighbors and that He wants us to have that same heart.

Full Show Notes:

What We Talked About

When we step out in faith and God shows up, that’s something to get excited about. – Aaron Myers Click To Tweet
  • 00:24 – Episode summary
  • 01:43 – Spending time in Turkey
  • 06:42 – Returning to the States
  • 08:04 – How did your conversations with God go?
  • 09:40 – The Lord’s leading to new places
  • 12:43 – Having a conversation about worldview
  • 15:47 – Engaging Missions partnership drive
  • 16:45 – What is Crescent Project?
  • 18:14 – What kind of training do you provide?
  • 22:12 – Transformation in churches and people’s lives
  • 26:44 – A vision of hope for the future
  • 28:20 – Knowing and abiding in God
  • 32:53 – Equipping believers to share the Gospel
  • 37:07 – How can we best pray for you?
  • 38:57 – Podcast updates
Look, God’s doing something. The question is, ‘Are you going to be a part of it?’ – Aaron Myers Click To Tweet

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