Learning to love others long-term is a big part of missions and ministry. Sometimes that love can be easier said than done. In this week’s episode, Ann Hinrichs joins us again to talk about her new book, Just One, which is about her long friendship with a man in Belize. Through their friendship, Ann learned more about intercultural ministry and her friend came to know Jesus.

Ann also shares the importance of depending on God. Focusing on obedience is better than looking for results. Throughout the episode, she reminds us of God’s guidance and steadfast love. We look more like Him when we are willing to love another person for as long as the Lord leads.

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This moment of obedience leads me to the next moment of revelation. – Ann Hinrichs Click To Tweet

What We Talked About

  • 00:23 – Episode summary
  • 02:21 – Why did you write your book?
  • 05:11 – Spending time in uncomfortable places
  • 06:00 – From the inside-out struggle
  • 08:03 – Creating a context for the story
  • 11:19 – How has God worked perseverance in you?
  • 12:42 – Choosing what to include in the book
  • 16:10 – Letting go of cultural bents
  • 17:39 – The impact of the first trip
  • 21:33 – One piece in a great puzzle
  • 23:11 – Remaining dependent on the Lord
  • 26:03 – When the Lord redirects ideas
  • 27:28 – How would you encourage others to move forward?
  • 30:10 – Additional resources for short-term teams
  • 31:22 – How can we best pray for you?
  • 32:32 – Closing thoughts

I was trying to explain the beauty that we can have and discover in other lands by just stopping and allowing the Lord to peel off the cultural bents that we have and put on tools and ways of thinking and responding when we’re with others.

Ann Hinrichs

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