When Jesus rose and returned to the Father, He left us the Holy Spirit and the Scriptures. For some people, hearing the Bible read in a woman’s voice is the best way for them to come and know Jesus. On this episode, Ann White joins to talk about her story and how she became interested in making a female audio Bible.

Through processing her own trauma and working with incarcerated women, Ann found the need for people to hear the Bible in a woman’s voice. She shares about the importance of Scripture for everyday life. By making the Bible accessible for people, more are able to hear about the amazing love of God and what He’s done for them.

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What We Talked About

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  • 00:24 – Episode Introduction
  • 01:02 – Sponsor a Child: Love Never Fails International
  • 02:08 – Getting to know Ann White
  • 02:41 – How did the Scriptures impact you?
  • 05:13 – A complete story of redemption
  • 06:49 – Understanding verses in context
  • 09:02 – Family pain and finding freedom
  • 11:24 – Transforming thoughts and finding healing
  • 15:56 – You are not alone
  • 18:55 – Ministering to women with audio Bibles
  • 24:14 – The impact of this ministry
  • 26:50 – The Spirit and the Scriptures
  • 29:03 – What keeps you going in ministry?
  • 32:40 – First steps to be involved
  • 33:26 – Text “Bible” to 62953
  • 35:22 – How can we best pray for you?
  • 36:53 – Encouragement for prayer
  • 37:56 – Closing thoughts

A Christian should be real. You know, church should be the safest place for broken sinners to go.

Ann White

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