Daniel Solid - Pray for boldnessOn today’s episode of the Engaging Missions Show, our guest, Kevin Daniel, shares about his ministry in the marketplace. Daniel works as a business owner, sharing the Gospel to those he comes into contact with across the world. He also disciples and trains believers in how to plant churches and better spread the Gospel.

Growing up in Atlanta, Daniel helped run leadership camps until college. He later started teaching young adults and teens at his church, but felt God calling him deeper. Through other church planters, God showed him how to better spread the Gospel and how to use his business as a tool to do so.

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Getting to know Kevin Daniel


Our guest today, Kevin Daniel, works as an entrepreneur business leader in Atlanta, Georgia. Not only does he manage in business, he also manages in the business of the Kingdom of God by making disciples and planting churches all over Atlanta. He was born and raised in Atlanta; his mother was a public school teacher, and his dad worked as a salesman.

As a child, Kevin didn’t know Christ personally until a teacher confronted him for bullying another student. The teacher presented the Gospel to him, and he accepted Christ as his Lord. In high school and college, Kevin helped run leadership training camps with students from all over the country. Involving himself in such organizations opened his eyes to see his strengths in communication, leadership, and organization, as well as the call that God placed on his life.

Ministry opportunities in the marketplace

Daniel has great opportunities to connect with people through his business. He enjoys sharing the Gospel with others and teaching Christians how to make disciples. By importing products from South East Asia and China, he gets to form multiple relationships with people overseas and tell them about what Jesus has done for them.

Transitioning into ministry

After working with the leadership camps, Daniel spent some time teaching young adults and children at his church. God continually revealed gifts that he had, such as teaching and communicating, and he kept growing in those talents. He finally realized, though, that his job didn’t allow him to reach lost people. He read a book called Radical by David Platt, which showed him that the church launches people into missions in their communities. From 2009 to 2013, he desired to see how to better reach his community and finally saw it last year.

Daniel went with one of his friends to a training session for ministry. The leader, Steve Smith, shared about a diagram called “Four Fields.” This model describes the five things that disciples did to spread the Gospel: Entered new areas, shared the Gospel, discipled and baptized believers, formed churches, and raised up leaders to keep it going.

A week after this session, Daniel went on a trip to China in order to smuggle Bibles and met with some pastors there. He told them about the “Four Fields” model he learned about just a week before. The church planters asked him for advice and wanted to apply the diagram he told them about. By applying that model, the Christians in South East Asia could spread the Gospel to their entire region in 15 years.

Advice to those in the marketplace

“I believe that we have a sleeping army of missionaries in the marketplace, who, if given a reproducing set of principles and processes and tools for reaching the lost, are going to multiply greatly to see a lot of people believe and be baptized and be raised up to do the same in their networks.”

  • “How many people will hear the Gospel in my sphere of influence today?”

Meaningful verse

Since we have this ministry, as we’ve received mercy we do not lose heart, but we renounce the hidden things of shame, not walking in craftiness or handling the Word of God deceitfully, but by the revealing or manifestation of the truth, commending ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God. And if the Gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing. (2 Corinthians 4:1-2 )

A season of difficulty

During his last year of college, Daniel faced a difficult period when his dad had a stroke. His dad had suffered a brain hemorrhage, leaving his entire left side disabled. His mom still takes care of him and faithfully looks after her husband. Daniel felt that God was calling him to stay close to home, in spite of the many other job offers out of the state. He remained faithful to God’s call, and God gave him greater opportunities in Atlanta. Although he struggled through seeing his dad disabled, he did not lose hope in God or His faithfulness.

About the ministry

Learning from overseas missionaries

Daniel shares about organizations that bring Christian business owners together to encourage each other. One network, called the C12 Group, keeps Daniel and other entrepreneurs accountable and allows for growth in how to spread the Gospel in the marketplace. He also discusses the importance of learning from missionaries overseas.

“For the first time, I really think in history, we’ve got Americans, westerners, coming to countries like India and asking on the ground leaders there, ‘Hey! How can we see a multiplying movement that reaches people who won’t come to church here in the United States?’”


“I think there’s a lot to be learned from what missionaries are doing overseas that we can apply here in the U.S. through our businesses, through our families, and through our communities as business owners.”

Forming relationships across the nations

Although Daniel doesn’t live near friends in China, he maintains those relationships through tools like Skype, Google Hangouts, and Zoom. He uses these things to stay connected to people he shared the Gospel with that desire to learn more. He refers to these kind of people as “yellow light” people because they are not ready to commit to Christ, but desire to know more about Him. Daniel believes that God will begin to expand ministry in businesses so that more people will know the Good News.

Starting from square one

Daniel expresses the importance of taking part in ministry locally. By doing so, people can learn how to share the Gospel in a way that works across the world. If individuals begin to
practice here, not only will they get better at spreading the Good News, but also more local people would hear it. Many tools can be used to disciple others, such as face to face, video chat, or meeting internationals in the U.S.

What groups have you been connected with?

Daniel connects with many ministries and organizations that keep him focused. Troy Cooper, Daniel's team lead at e3 Partners, holds him accountable and keeps him on track. He also involves himself in a group of missions organizations called “No Place Left Network.” Multiple church planters and ministers mentor Daniel and train him in how to spread the Gospel more effectively.

One of the greatest ways he finds encouragement is through a spreadsheet shared by Christian businessmen. They place information about how often they present the Good News, any conversions, and other similar things. Seeing growth in numbers brings these men great joy.

Focus on YOU, the listener

Awakening the army

  • “It’s what you inspect that gets it done, not what you expect.”
  • “I think it all has to start with abiding in Christ and prayer, and I don’t just mean prayer generically. I think we need to pray intentionally.”
  • “Start visualizing not just the people that you know that are far from God, but the people that they know that are far from God. And start praying for spiritual grandchildren. Start believing that the Holy Spirit wants to use you to share the Gospel with them, lead them to Christ, disciple them so that they can share the Gospel with those in their network.”
  • “Don’t pray for opportunities to share the Gospel; we don’t see that in Scripture. We see them praying for boldness.”

Surrounded by nations

  • “You have an opportunity, if you’re bold enough (so pray for that boldness that we were talking about), to actually go to their doorstep.”
  • “They need to see that Jesus is something more than all the other gods that they worship.”
  • “Share these stories. These international folks...just love a good story.”
  • “You’ve got the power of the Holy Spirit behind you; just start sharing some stories about Jesus with them.”

Book and internet resources

Parting advice and contact info

  • “You’ve got to ask this question of, ‘How many people are going to hear the Gospel today?’ … Get that number in your mind and then start sharing the Gospel with the lost. Pray for them, share the Gospel with them, and then freely train believers to do the same.”
  • “Your time is limited, so focus your time on those who obey Jesus by sharing the Gospel and making disciples.”

“Focus on the few to reach the many.”

Contact info:

Questions, Topics, and Times

  • [00:26] – Introduction
  • [03:18] – Ministry opportunities in the marketplace
  • [04:57] – Transitioning into ministry
  • [12:40] – Advice to those in the marketplace
  • [15:06] – Meaningful verse
  • [17:54] – A season of difficulty
  • [20:53] – Learning from overseas missionaries
  • [22:31] – Forming relationships across the nations
  • [24:21] – Starting at square one
  • [27:33] – What groups have you been connected with?
  • [32:02] – Awakening the army
  • [34:30] – Surrounded by nations
  • [38:56] – Internet and book resources
  • [40:38] – Parting advice and contact info

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How many people will hear the Gospel in my sphere of influence today? Click To Tweet
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